Covid-19 VACCINE and Peyronie Disease

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Hi Guys

Im scheduled for a Covid Vaccine in the morning.  I have been reading all of the CDC and papers on the vaccine in people with autoimmune disorders. 

I have peyronies without a doubt, I was diagnosed last Feb.  The pain has subsided, I have been doing traction/pentox and Cialis 5Mg Daily.  Im fortunate, the curve is now less than 10 degrees, and there is a slight bend to the left.  Still works great. multiple plaques can be felt ....  I thank NeoV and his videos on traction, I have been doing it for a year and have been able to straighten out the curve, and the entire penis feels better, long road, but something is working. 

My question is after reading all the research on autoimmune diseases and the vaccine.  I feel its safe, and probably the best bet...I have high BP that's the only other condition I have.  My girlfriend got the appointment for me.  So I wanna get your thoughts on immune response possibly causing a flare up or another active phase? 

Im 45yrs old

what do you guys think> ??


Should be fine as long as you maintain your treatment, don't have any recent injuries, and avoid them until after your vaccine course is over. Get that shot ASAP!!!
18 years old
Symptoms started January 2021
Slight indentation and raised "banding" on sides of penis
Taking Pentox 400 mg 3x per day and starting Restorex therapy


Thanks for the reply! 

No new injuries that I know about.  I just started having sex with my girlfriend....I  call her that, but its a girl I have been seeing a while now. Covid has kept it difficult to get together, she has kids I have kids, all in school,  Covid quarantines, blah blah .....  We recently jumped in the sack, within the last two weeks.... but pretty normal stuff.  So no new injuries. 

I'd hate to go backwards with this progress because of a wacky immune response.  Im getting the shot, ill keep ya posted


Hey Guys

The shot went well.  Im sure its too soon to know if any immune response has adversely affected the peyronies.   But i feel good about it. 

Ill keep you guys posted