Considering Gelman vs. Lue’s surgeons for plication

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Hello, I am considering plication for correcting a 35-38 degree curve, as a 20 year old, I find this something I want correct. Sex is okay, but with straightening it would be physically and psychologically more comfortable. I have consulted with both Lue and Gelman and am at a bit of an impasse about what to do. Gelman uses absorbable stitches which he describes allows the tissue to regrow / reshape in a healthy manner. However, Lue raised that point that as a young guy with still very firm erections, there is concern about ripping the absorbable sutures, and recommend his surgeon (I forgot his name), who uses permanent stitches. I know Gelman is one of the most credible surgeons with very low surgery redos, so I'm not sure if I fully agree based on what I've read about Gelman, with the risk of the absorbable ripping. At this point simply looking for what would be best. Can anyone with either the absorbable / permanent sutures or experience with either doctor with a plication reach out? I'd love to talk. This is such a mentally big decision and I'd love to hear a patient perspective. Each doctor said it is up to me whether or not I want the surgery, gelman personally recommended the a plication based on my imaging of curvature, and Lue said I could do it if I wanted, but it perhaps wasn't absolutely necessary. Thanks for any input!
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Not sure where you live in the US.   I spoke with Gelman... like home very much. 
I had Plication with Brian Christine in AL who studied with Lue directly.

You are very young and would like to make sure you cover all you options.
Would be delighted to chat DM me if you're interested and we can chat.


Hi guys this is a very interesting discussion and I am in the same situation as you leaningtowerofpisa,

We can discuss this here,
I have a curvature of 30 degrees (previously 55 degrees but "failed" surgery in France)
And I'm 24 years old, so I'm in about the same situation as you.
27 yo

- 01/2020: Nesbit surgery for a 50 degrees downward curvature with Dr.Faix (FR) : bad result

- 12/2022 : Surgery correction with Dr.Gelman US

- Now : Indentation on the left dorsal side with a rotation to the left that appeared, try Restorex


The loss of length following Gelman and Tom Lue's surgery is interesting,

I have read that Gelman's surgery limits loss of gain because it is a tissue excision.
27 yo

- 01/2020: Nesbit surgery for a 50 degrees downward curvature with Dr.Faix (FR) : bad result

- 12/2022 : Surgery correction with Dr.Gelman US

- Now : Indentation on the left dorsal side with a rotation to the left that appeared, try Restorex


I don't know if Gelman always does excision. Doctor's will use different techniques for each patient depending on their unique symptoms and degree of injury or curvature. You should always discuss in advance with your surgeon what technique they will use.
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Our approach is more time consuming and technically challenging than many other techniques.  This is because we do not use a penile tourniquet at the base of the penis to prevent bleeding.  We have never found it necessary to cut off blood flow to the penis as we carefully dissect out the sensitive nerves and arteries to the head of the penis during the surgery but this requires additional time and attention to detail.  In addition, we do not use permanent sutures.  If we did, this would reduce the need for exposure and considerably reduce the amount of time needed to shorten the long side.  Instead of using temporary plicating sutures as a test prior to removing a wedge and using absorbable suture for closure, we would use permanent sutures without the additional steps.  However, some patients report discomfort from the knots of the permanent sutures under the skin and others have reported hearing a pop of the suture used to straighten the penis where they then had a curved penis again.

It can't be said that our technique is "better" than other methods of plication.  However we prefer our approach because we do not want to leave permanent suture, and have had excellent outcomes for over 20 years with our approach to Peyronie's Disease plication surgery.

Considering dr Gelman or dr Lue or Christine is like Mercedes vs BMW vs Audi.


I had a Nesbit or Yachia plication modified for 70 degree downward curvature

Residual curvature of 40 degrees


Hi Guy's,
i would ask you a suggest. I need surgery cause my peyronie deasise. I had a curvature about 60º and my penis is shorter and so much strict. Do you know if Gelman does incisions on the plate with grafts?
Who is better for this surgery? Gelman or Lue?
I have to go from Italy on purpose to do that.
Thank you so much