Some weird symptoms I can’t quiet pinpoint...

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Hey all,

So some Googling has brought me to this forum, I'm wondering if anyone can help me out;

This all began about 2 years ago. I began having a cold burning sensation and aches in my testicles and into my urethra. Along with lower back and side pain. I also had a gritty tingling feeling in my penis especially when erect. Went to the doctors three times and they couldn't find any issue. I cut out caffeine and drank a lot of water and after maybe 4 months it just went.

Fast forward to about two months ago and I start to feel the symptoms again, this time my penis feels bursting when erect. Like it's extremely full. This has now subsided slightly and the pain seems to be concentrated in the centre of my penis as a burning feeling at about a third of the way up my shaft. I have also recently found a hard pea sized lump right in the middle of my penis that feels connected to my urethra. I don't have any noticeable changes in the size or shape of my penis and have always had a curve to one side. There may be a slight curvature upwards now but I really can't tel if it's just my mind playing tricks. I'm 32 have no sti's.

Every time I google it leads me to peyroines. But from what I gather the lump doesn't feel the same nor does it occur in the correct area. The lump is only felt when the penis is soft.
Has anyone had a similar experience? 

The pain also gets worse when I need to urinate then disappears for a while after.
Age 33
Symptoms began winter 2019
3 plaques, slight curve, bad hinging
Cialis 2.5mg daily 10 months
Vitamin E daily
Manual traction daily


im dealing with a close problem
did you find anything ?


It sounds like Prostatitis or Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome.

Aches in scrotum and burning sensation towards urethra point to this.
28 years. Started to develop a rightwards curve in June 2020.
narrowing on right side and about a 20-25° curve to the right.
Weakened erections and instability due to narrowing.