Can Peyronie's disease come back or worsen after being stable for a few years?

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Hi everyone,

I'm in my late twenties and I've been diagnosed with Peyronie's disease in 2017. I think it started when my girlfriend was on top and bent my penis. I've had painful erections for a few months and eventually a curve appeared. It wasn't too bad and the urologists I went to told me I should just learn to live with it. Which is what I did. My mental health took a toll but I was able to have sexual intercourse and both my girlfriend and I were satisfied. Most of the time I didn't even think about Peyronie's anymore.

A few days ago, my new girlfriend and I weren't careful and unfortunately bent my penis again. It felt uncomfortable for a few seconds but it didn't hurt and I was able to continue the intercourse without any issues whatsoever. Since then, I almost consistently feel a dull pain when flaccid. My erections are not painful though (at least not yet).

The thing is I'm really worried about that constant pain and I'm scared I triggered a new onset of the disease. Is it even possible? Is there anything I can do besides waiting and seeing?

Thanks for your help, I'm not sure I'm psychologically ready to go through the phases of the disease once again and would like to know what you think or if you went through something similar.
30. Congenital curvature upward. Diagnosed with Peyronies Disease in 2017. Curvature near the base of the shaft (approx. 45° to the left). Still painful sometimes. Mild Erectile Dysfunction since summer 2020. Anxious.
Currently using RestoreX (since 04/21) and L-citrulline.


Some people here had some success with hirudoid cream, maybe it would worth a try if you have hematoma(i have no experience with this and dont know if its safe)
Voltaren gel for inflammation, perhaps NSAIDs
Aswell as anti inflammatory herbs, ginger tumeric+black pepper etc,
I would abstain from sex/masturbation and try to get a lot of sleep.
Im guessing if its only a few days old injury then you might catch it in time and reverse it.

Also try to eat healthy and be healthy in general, deep breathing or whatever else you know to work.

I suggest you to read this,3180.0.html?PHPSESSID=hh9qs9f9juh343voq8et6pqlh4
Age:23. Onset of symptoms: september 2020.
Curve mostly semi erect about 60 degrees, slight pain
Tried short & prolonged fasts, keto,carnivore, traction and most of the supplements.
Severe digestive issues, probably an autoimmune disorder


i want to know this ay well. my urologist said for some mystical reason one doesnt get peyronies twice in his life. but this is not science, scienve would suggest that if oyu had it you are prone genetically and it has a higher chance of reappearing or constantly worsening. idont know though