Sildenafil in Peyronies Disease

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Hope you are doing well with your Peyronies Disease cases,

Many people here on this forum use viagra or other similar drugs like cialis. Is it generally safe to use viagra only before sex (not on daily basis) while having Peyronies Disease ( no pain and penile curvature just a lump inside) ? I've seen leaflet that says it's not recommend to use viagra with Peyronies Disease.

Thanks in advance!


I've read stuff like this before and it is safe. A lot of people here take sildenafil or cialis with peyronies and have no problem with it. My assumption is that is for those cases with massive curvature and that, that may pose a problem like priapism. Again, my two cents.


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Quote from: geraciv on January 30, 2021, 08:19:26 AM
[...] I've seen leaflet that says it's not recommend to use viagra with Peyronies Disease.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe the leaflet actually said that viagra is not a Peyronies Disease treatment and you misinterpreted it?

I believe from personal experience that there's nothing healthier and better for penile curvature than a strong erection and these drugs are excellent erection facilitators.
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I have been using silidifill for years. It has never given my peyronie's a problem. For me 50mg is the max I would use in 24 hours
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My Dr encourages both Cialis and sildenafil. He says it helps with erections/blood flow and lowering inflammation from peyronies.
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Hope you're doing well. So, about using Viagra or similar drugs like Cialis for Peyronies Disease, it's a valid concern. While I'm no doc, I can share some insights. It's true that the leaflet might suggest caution, but it's always best to consult with a medical professional to get personalized advice. Since this thread is 2 years old, it's worth checking for updated info on the topic. Cialis schmelztabletten bestellen could be an option to explore, but again, talk to your doc to ensure it aligns with your specific condition. They'll have the best knowledge to guide you safely. Stay positive and take care!