Booted from forum for about 12 hours?

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I tried logging in to the forum at around 12:30 am last night (1/18), and it said that I had been booted from the forum for using foul language and attacking other members. As far as I know I haven't done that and I wasn't actually booted, and I also seem to be able to log back on, 12 hours later. Wondering if anyone else had the same issue.

Not that I couldn't survive 12 hours without logging onto peyroniesforum but still...  
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That is a little disturbing what you should get this. Was it an email, PM, etc?

I see no steps or issues for your account in the moderation logs.

Sorry for this.
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I too am confused at the moment.  The only thing left to check is if you might have picked up an IP address in the range of some other banned user>

I will double check
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