“Tall” plaque felt from top and bottom of penis

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A week ago I realized my erection had a new dent near the base on the dorsal side of my penis. I felt around and noticed a pea sided bump deep in my penis, I can only feel it if I push my finger into my shaft.

I was taking a shower tonight and doing hand stretches. I decided to feel for the plaque again and figured it would be easier to locate and gauge how big it was while my penis was super soft and stretchy. Well what I found freaked me the hell out. Basically the plaque is extremely hard, harder then I thought it was already... and it's like a thin pill sized shape that goes from the dorsal of my penis to the bottom where my urethra is. Accidentally I squeezed on both sides and the scar tissue as a whole pivoted and hurt excruciatingly bad.

I just want to know besides the dent, does this sound like it will turn to a curve? What can I do for this specific type of plaque? And has anyone had a similar experience?


This used to be the place to go for support and meaningful advice. I'm in a crisis and need advice more than ever right now


You should see a urologist, i wouldnt want to advise you on much else because i dont know what you're dealing with,
in my case i dont have a plaque, however i can see the point where its starting to curve and my whole left side of the penis is hardened and feels like a tight muscle, first i had a dent, then came the curve after masturbating to porn.
I tried traction very early, and it caused a lot of pain so i stopped and now im back at it.
if this is a scar tissue and its very sensetive and causes a lot of pain then its up to you to decide if you want to try traction.
It cant hurt to get a lot of anti-inflammatories in your diet, tumeric,black pepper, ginger.etc
Maybe also try voltaren.

I wonder if its common for the scar to make the whole side hardened and tight but i dont know whats going on really.

Many people here recommend a ketogenic diet or a low carb diet.
And either limiting masturbation/intercoutse to once a week or none at all.
Age:23. Onset of symptoms: september 2020.
Curve mostly semi erect about 60 degrees, slight pain
Tried short & prolonged fasts, keto,carnivore, traction and most of the supplements.
Severe digestive issues, probably an autoimmune disorder