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Dear all,

I just wanted to share some details regarding the progression of my treatment. Since I joined the forum I have been getting SO much useful information from the members and by extension also improved my condition. I Figured I should try to give as much back as I can by sharing information regarding my improvement insofar, feel free to come with feedback, advice or questions.

Basically, I was diagnosed with Peyronies Disease in the spring of 2017. The urologists I saw were not specialists in Peyronies Disease per se and they told me not to do anything until the pain I felt during erections had subsided. Being the little Swede I am, believing what a professional tells me, I did not look elsewhere for info. By mid 2019 the curvature started to prevent me from having sex and they then recommended surgery as a final resort. As I moved from one city to another in early 2020, I met a new specialist who introduced me to the idea of Restorex, VED etc. Around the same time, I discovered this forum and realised I had to take matters into my own hands.

Treatment and rationale
As it was over 3 years since I had my injury, I figured I should hit Peyronies Disease from as many angles as possible in order to address it. I got hold of Restorex through Parcl.com and started VED at the same time in early Oct 2020. I also started taking the following supplements daily:

Cialis (5 mg)
L-arginine (1500 mg)
Bio-pycnogenol (80 mg)
Coq-10 (300 mg)
L-citrulline (1500 mg)
Raw ginger (2 cubic cm)
Raw turmeric (1 cubic cm)
Vitamin E and D (100% RDI each)
Liposomal vitamin C (2000 mg)
Blueberries (ca 2000 mg)
Propolis (400 mg)
Super Astaxantin (8 mg)
Black Cumin Oil/Blackseed oil (2 teaspons)

Later in Dec 2020 I also added Pentox (2x400 mg, once I managed to get it from an overseas pharmacy) and topical Diclofenac (23 mg/g) to help counter any local inflammation.

In addition to this, I also switched my overall diet to a healthier direction aimed at increasing my intake of antioxidants. That means: less cabbage, zucchini, fennel, pumpkin and cucumber and more beetroot, kale, red cabbage, chilli, garlic, broccoli, spinach, parsley etc. Overall, I tried to take as many supplements 'naturally', through actual food, rather than in a concentrated form (pills etc.).

The logic behind this was to a) improve the blood flow to my penis and b) strengthen my immune defence and enable as wide of an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant approach as possible. I read up on the various scientific studies at hand that had used supplements as a part of the treatment and the guidelines that various urology associations have for treatment of Peyronies Disease (https://www.peyroniesforum.net/index.php/topic,14782.msg133161.html#new).

In terms of traction/VED I currently follow the following protocol:

- Traction 15 min straight + 15 min counterbend twice per day with Restorex. I am using the rice sock method to apply heat prior to and during traction.
- VED 20-30 min twice per day. In the morning, I am doing 20 sec intervals with 10 sec breaks and in the evening 2 min intervals. In the evening, I am also doing light manual traction following the steps that Neo outlines in his videos in-between the VED intervals.

Erect length pre-Peyronies Disease: 18 cm
Erect length at the start of the treatment:16 cm (estimation, it was difficult to get a proper erection at this point) Admin note: Stretched flaccid length is a better comparison standard. It requires no erection.
Current erect length: 17 cm

Curvature at the start of the treatment: 50-60 degrees
Current curvature: ca 20 degrees

As I have mentioned elsewhere, both my partner and my doctor say that my penis currently looks normal and that I am probably the only one who thinks it looks a bit wonky. As reassuring as it might be, I am still getting used to it not being as straight as it once was while also being very happy about it not being as bad as in Oct 20. The same specialist that told me that surgery might be the next step for me in June 2020 now says he would not perform surgery on me based on my current state, which to me signals a huge step forward!

Good news: The approach seems to be working so far!
Bad news: Since I started all of these treatments around the same time, it is not possible to single out what has worked and what has not. Basically, the improvement can be due to traction alone for all I know.

Unresolved issues and questions for you all:
- While the doc says that there has been a slight reduction in the size of the main plaque, it is still very much there. I am not sure whether it will ever disappear or even whether it needs to. Has anyone else made the plaque disappear completely?
- I also have some minor plaques here and there along the shaft and by the pelvis. I hope that these will not continue to grow in size.
- There is still a 'jointedness' to the area surrounding the main plaque. This is less the case now compared to 4 months ago but I am really hoping this will continue to improve over time.
- Hourglassing is still visible around the main plaque and further down the shaft as well, but I am hoping that continued traction+VED will eventually address this. After all, it's only been 4 months since I embarked on this approach.
- Since I started with traction, my penis rotates around 20-30 degrees at the base while erect. I have spoken to the Restorex support and my doctor about this and they said it should be possible to address this once the main curvature has been sufficiently amended. It does not prevent me from having sex but it just feels unusual.
- I still struggle to get a proper erection without Cialis, getting used to the thought that this might be the case from now on.
- On and off I have quite significant pain in the pelvic area, not the actual penis. If it gets too much, I usually take a break from traction for a few days and then continue. This worries me a bit but the doc tells me that nothing bad will come from continuing traction using Restorex. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
- I am also worried that this quite rapid improvement might reverse. Any experiences?
- I will relocate to the UK in a few months and might need to see a new specialist in the London/Oxford area. Any suggestions?

Would be grateful for any input you might have, please feel free to send me a PM with feedback or questions. Again, I know my approach is not strictly scientific but I wanted to share it anyway to provide some constructive suggestions.

Early 30s, diagnosed with Peyronies in 2017 after trauma during sex. ca 15 degrees upward curvature. Restorex, VED, 5mg Cialis, Pentox, L-arginine, Coq10, Propolis, Vitamin E. Underwent 12 rounds of Verapamil injections 2021-22