Pentox to be ready made specially OR Trental brand ready to go?

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Hey all,

So i'm in the UK and i've been prescribed pentoxifylline.

I've spoke to a chemist near me and there's two options:

1: Can either get Trental prescribed which is ready to order.

2: Or i'd have to get Pentoxifylline specially made which will be more expensive.

I know Trental is the right thing and is the same thing, but could the Pentoxifylline ready made be better/better quality/less funky fillers etc?

I know most here will just say go for Trental the cheaper but i'm just wondering if there is any quality difference between the two, I don't really like the filler ingredients in the Trental: Hydroxyethyl cellulose, povidone, talc, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, macrogol 8000, erythrosine (E127). titanium dioxide (E171).

If it costs a bit more and it's better quality i'm happy to pay it, price is not an issue.

The chemist said it wouldn't be any different, one is just generic and one isn't.

Just wondering if anyone has gone down the 'Specially made route" and could tell me about it

Thanks all!
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As far as I know, both are interchangeable
One is just the generic brand of the other
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Quote from: postrocker on January 07, 2021, 12:33:00 PM
As far as I know, both are interchangeable
One is just the generic brand of the other

yeah sounds about right dude, i'm gonna go for the trental the other one will be crazy expensive
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As far as I understand it - Pentoxifylline is the active substance, Trental is the name of a medication that contains that substance. There will be a variation in price between different products, but you can get any medication as long as it contains the active substance.
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Hi there,

I was wondering how you went about getting the Trental prescribed or if you know any online sources.  Any help is appreciated.