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Author Topic: Hourglassing when flaccid. No deformity with erection. What could be the reason  (Read 749 times)

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Does anyone experience hourglassing while flaccid and smooths out during an erection? Right now my symptoms include straight erections and hourglassing when flaccid. Also turtling/firm hard flaccid. My firm flaccid has been getting somewhat softer with under a month of VED and traction but still not specifically sure what's wrong with me. I have been leaning towards very early peyronies or penile injury or CPPS/pelvic floor problem which i am worried about. It is very difficult to try to pinpoint what i have wrong with me and wondered what members of this community have along with this. Before starting VED and traction my flaccid was in very bad shape with firm hard/ turtling so I honestly don't know. I will visit a Urologist in 2 weeks and I might go in there to only try to convince him to send me to a pelvic floor therapist because I doubt he'll do anything if there are currently no erection problems, although my erections do feel stiffer but nothing else besides that. I am currently 2 months in this and I don't know what to expect for the future.


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I first noticed the hourglassing in flaccid state too early on..It would appear to go away erect but then  I slowly noticed some narrowing/bottlenecking creep in while hard too.. That was between 2-5 months.. it was very painful but never got too bad. Mild narrowing.. I posted pics a few posts back where I ended up
35 yrs old
Onset 05/01/20 diagnosed 05/14/20. Taking Pentox, trental, multivitamin, Zoloft & Tylenol
Traction was painful and made it worse
Lateral plaque by glands 20 degrees left/ narrowing
Lost about 2cm length


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Hey I've almost have the same issue.
Do you think this has something to do with peyronie's and I might get peyronie's too?
My doctor also said it has nothing to do with peyronie's disease.
Please let me know if it may lead to that.
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