Is hard flaccid a form of inflammation from Peyronies? +supplements

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I have been experiencing hard flaccid and wondered if this is inflammation of the acute phase of hard flaccid. I have been experiencing hourglassing flaccid and hard flaccid pain for 1.5 months now.. I am currently taking CoQ10 400mg a day, Ibuprofen 400mg a day, L-arginine 600mg a day, and Vitamin E 200mg, Zinc, and Magnesium 200mg. I am also wearing traction all day along with VED twice a day 20-30 minutes. Any other suggestions during these times or any thoughts? Thanks.


Diet and fasting, heat, gentle traction, and abstinence worked for me. How about Vitamin D and K?


Now when I go on a fasting routine am I allowed to take my supplements or not? My plan is to water fast 6 days a week and only eat on Saturday but I'm not sure if I should stop taking my supplements or not due to a empty stomach? What did you do? @NeoV


What the heck? 6 days water fasting and only eating on saturday??? This is the kind of stuff that I was afraid to happen. You can survive 6 days without food no sweat. Heck, you can probably make 40 days too! But this is madness. You are gonna have a lot of results! You are gonna drop a ton of weight, feel like garbage and get some kind of high from fasting this extreme, but you'll also still have peyronies and live or die trying to fix it trough fasting. Can we please stop acting like starvation is gonna cure peyronies? And I am not against fasting at all, this is coming from a guy who went a year eating one meal a day and have done prolonged fasting for 3 days many times as well, but honestly day 3 you will feel like crap and for what? Only to gain and lose some water weight and strength. Imo my body functions more optimally not fasting at all, but neither fasting or not had no effect on my peyronies whatsoever. Good for you if it helps, but please let go of the idea that more extreme fasting is gonna fix your peyronies cause it's getting a little toxic. Only eating on saturday... just don't.


I am reading a lot about "hard flaccid" but I still don't figure out what that exactly means. If that means anything specific...

a. Turtling plus hardened sensation?
b. Normal length of flaccid penis but hardened?
c. How hardened? Can you move it around when flaccid?
d. Any changes in the scrotum?

Congenital curvature plus injury during sex - dec.2019
Curve to the left increase plus pain ~35degrees - nov.2020
Pentox (400mgx3) + Cialis (2.5mg/day) + supplements - dec.2020
Traction - jan.2021 onwards (curve now ~22/25degrees)