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Author Topic: Penis feels cold and is much softer when flaccid than before  (Read 398 times)

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Penis feels cold and is much softer when flaccid than before
« on: December 07, 2020, 05:52:09 PM »

Hey everyone,

I was just diagnoses recently and am trying to make sense of some changes I'm seeing. I haven't been doing traction routinely yet. Really just a handful of times hand traction, maybe a few minutes each.

Now what's weird is that my flaccid Penis is much larger than before all this peyronies stuff started. I think it's because of the traction, even though it was just a little bit . It was very small when flaccid before. Now it's maybe double the size, like 3 inches .  It feels different.

Now, question : It now feels extremely soft, is that a symptom of peyronie's as well? Not sure if there is a problem with an extremely soft flaccid Penis. Still can get erections. Also, the gland feels rather cold often. Is that a standard symptom? I'm just wondering if there is a connection.

Also: my left corpus cavernosum feels much softer than the right when semi erect. And when erect too, i think. Anybody experience the same?
- mid 20s
- bend started November 2020
- acute phase? Some pain, not much, but bend to the left 30 to 40 degrees and left side starting to shrink
- not doing traction yet, planning on trying restoreX
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