27yo mild case - Almost instant recovery from using a Penile Extender (!)

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Hi all,

First, context : I've been lurking around here for two years at least, ever since my symptoms started. I had a mild case with upward curvature of around 20 degrees and narrowing. I tried different things but no pills, and without any real success.

The case : I finally decided to try a penile extender even though at first I was put off because of the price and the hassle. But guess what : it's the only thing that's worked, and it WORKS! Within not even a full week, I immediately noticed stronger and fuller erections, and the plaque now seems 'smothered' by healthy tissue... I am honestly amazed and will keep using the extender for at least 6 months, I can't imagine the result then. In some ways, I feel my erections are stronger than they've *ever* been. The mechanical principe of the penile extender is really fault-proof : by extending you "open up" the relaxed tissues of your penis and blood can do its thing properly, all while stretching the plaque itself. Honestly, if you haven't yet tried that option, I feel like you haven't really tried. Endogenous supplements can only do so much : mechanical pressure and remolding are unbeatable.

Please ask me any questions. I'm sorry if I seem cocky coming here after not even a week proclaiming results, but they are undeniable and so shocking I almost felt like crying (lol). The relief of 2 years of psychological weight, and I'm sure most of you here have had that longer. So do yourself a favor and find an extender on the net for around 50$ usually. Stick to a daily schedule. At first it's complicated to use but truly worth it. Peace out


Congrats Anton!

Your post mirrors my sentiments about traction exactly. Do NOT wait to get started.
I've seen men rid themselves of dents within a week or two of use.

Traction is the single best mono-therapy besides surgery.
(Xiaflex took 12 months to get a 33% improvement in curve and included gentle penile stretching. Traction with PenimasterPro took 3 months to get up to a 50% reduction in curve at the most hours of use, and RestoreX only took 3 months to get around 30% with only 30 to 90 minutes a day)


Quote from: Anton36 on November 25, 2020, 04:31:06 PM
Which extender do you use ?

I think any working extender would do the job, since the principle remains the same. I second NeoV's comment (I don't know if he wanted to answer to you or me though). For the record, I use the ProExtender. The effect is so quick and noticeable that I'm starting to think anyone concerned with penis health should use one, Peyronies or not! It has never felt so "heavy" and "full" in recent memory... I even "regret" not trying this out before and waiting 2 years in anguish and fruitless other methods.

I hope my post changes one person's situation, at least! :)