Peyronies, Hard Flaccid or what?

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Hello everyone,

I am not sure what I have or what to do next. Hope some of you with more experience can answer some of my questions and guide me in the right direction.


Chronology of events:
Normal penis my whole life until the 7th of November 2020. Just some death grip symptoms a few years ago, corrected those by always using lube for a while and being more careful when masturbating dry after the symptoms went away.
7th of November: Noticed a curve to the left side in the semi erect state before masturbating. Penis was straight when flaccid and straight when completely erect. Figured the curve when semi erect was just something that happened that day for some unknown reason and was nothing to worry about since I was straight when erect.
8th of November: Exact experience from the day before. Straight when flaccid, straight when erect, curve to the left when semi erect. This is when I got worried and started googling what might be causing this.
8th - 12th of November (Now): I have been on NoFap. Did manual traction twice but not sure if this is something I should continue to do before I get a diagnosis.

All Symptoms
- Curved penis when semi erect.
- When flaccid I am almost certain that the penis feels more rigid than it used to but I could be paranoid.
- Scar like mark on the bottom left side (skin patch that is whiter than the rest of the skin). Also on the bottom, I have another similar smaller white scar type mark on the center closer to the glans.
- No lumps I can feel when flaccid or erect.
- No hourglass shape (maybe slightly when semi erect)
- No pain (just some tingling at times but one more time, I might just be paranoid).
Edit: (New) I haven't walked much in the past days, walked a lot in the past hour or two and feeling pain when walking (not excruciating, feels similar to blue balls). Feel fine when sitting down. I did about 20 minutes of traction yesterday, not sure if it's related or not.

Questions (answers to these would be great for my mental side and help me figure out what I should do so I appreciate any of you willing to take the time)
1. From what I read in the past few days, it seems some people with hard flaccid experience curvature when semi erect. Is this also common in early stages of Peyronies? Or would your guess be that symptom probably points towards hard flaccid?
2. Are these white scar type marks I mentioned indicative of peyronies? I read the actual peyronies scars aren't visible, that only the lumps are. Is this correct?
3. I know this isn't a forum about hard flaccid so you may not be able to help me here but if you know, what does hard flaccid actually feel like? I said I feel a little more rigid when flaccid but I am not even close to as rigid flaccid as I am when I have an erection. Not sure what hard flaccid is supposed to feel like or if it differs from person to person.
4. My father is a rather renowned doctor so if I decide to go to an urologist it would be a stupid idea not to talk to him first and ask for a doctor recommendation as he would probably know who the best ones are or have the means of finding out quickly. Is this something I should do immediately or should I wait and see if it resolves itself with no fap and general hard flaccid treatment. I feel comfortable talking to my dad but it's one of those conversations I would rather avoid if possible. I read a bunch online about people who believe they were either misdiagnosed or valued the opinions of members of this forum over doctors and talked about how doctors haven't helped them much at all. Also, I do not have high hopes of finding a good doctor who is an expert at this where I live so all of those factors are making me wonder if this is something I should bring up to my father or not.
5. Anything else I should do immediately? Supplements? Massage? Traction? etc

Thank you for reading and in advance for any help you may offer.


I'd get a diagnosis now just to be sure. It could be nothing but a diagnosis wouldn't hurt and could put your mind at ease.

Nothing wrong with your dad giving you a referral. Probably the best way of getting one.


At that stage you're not likely to get a diagnosis unless your urologist has an open mind. It's probably still worth going though.