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Simply put, we are not run or moderated by vendors, drug companies, or doctors, or by anyone that sells products or makes money from treating men with Peyronies.  We are run by you the patient.  We do invite doctors and other professionals to join and become part of the discussion.

We have what is by far, the largest, most active, Peyronies Disease forum ever in existence.  This includes several thousands of members and tens of thousands of on-topic posts.  We have a private "Women Only" area for women affected by Peyronies Disease.  This is the only such resource for women on the Internet.

No personal information is required to be a member.  Register with TOTAL Privacy - Peyronies Society Forums

No censorship of ANY on-topic Peyronies Disease related comments or questions.

Your posts are posted to the forum immediately with no wait for "approval" or "clearance" like many sites.

The ability to have a Private Message conversation with any forum member without revealing your email address to that person.

The ability to include direct-click Internet links right in a post, including links to other areas of our forum or to other websites. (Spamming the forum with commercial links (.com) is not permitted)

The ability to suggest and participate in polls.

The ability to quickly search every post by a keyword and the ability to pull up every post by a specific member/author.

The ability to be free of personal attacks.

Freedom from zealots trying to hijack the forum with non- Peyronies Disease topics.

The opportunity to direct the forum and have a say in how the forum is laid out, run, and operated.

Convenient options like seeing every post since your last visit, jumping to the top of a long thread, seeing the number of posts a member has made and how long they have been a forum member.

Our forum has a built in glossary so that words needing some explanation are highlighted right in the post.  Just move your mouse cursor over the word directly in the post and the definition will pop up.

Our forum has spell check

A flexible, wide range of options on how you set up your own personal profile and even view the forum.

Knowing that for years come, new Peyronies Disease suffers trying to educate themselves and cope with Peyronies Disease, will be able to quickly access the information you post.

And finally, personal help with any forum problems you may have.

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