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Daily tadalafil

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Has anyone here who has taken daily tadalafil for a significantly long time noticed any plaque shrinkage or resolution?  I am thinking of taking 10 mg everyday to see if it has any effect on plaque size; I suffer from really bad Erectile Dysfunction as a result of all I've been through and the plaque on the right side of my penis has never gone away, the one on the other side has seemed to spontaneously resolve as I can no longer feel it, but I do feel an ache in that area post orgasm like the palpable plaque on the right.  Unrelated to tadalafil, but I was thinking of using therapeutic ultrasound everyday for 10 mins at 2.0 W/cm^2 3MHz on the plaque also to see if there are any results, combined with the tadalafil. Just looking to see if anyone has had any good results.
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Most people try many different therapies at once so I think it's going to be difficult to attribute improvement to tadalafil alone.

Case in point, I'm on 2.5mg of tadalafil daily and have had success.  I also do daily traction, have had 3 rounds of Xiaflex, eat a ketogenic diet, take a plethora of supplements, etc..

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I had to stop taking tadalafil daily. It stopped making effects.
Now I use it weekly and feel its effects on erections. I don't know if it helped me regarding Peyronie.

I'd advise you to give some breaks. It's common to feel no more effects if you use it daily.

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Actually that is not common, daily use of cialis is usually effective.
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