Managing pelvic floor contractions when using the toilet

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This would be a part of a bigger subject i want to talk about - pelvic floor issues and it's connection to peyronie - but i want to keep this topic on subject.

Aside from a chronic tensed pelvic floor that i consider contributed to peyronie, i noticed that it got even tighter after i got peyronie. I also noticed i had some questionable habits when peeing or taking a dump. I fully believe that fixing those habits helped me with my condition and peyronie/Erectile Dysfunction issues.

So basically when peeing, once i was done i'd ALWAYS do a kegel or two. I never thought about it, i believe i felt like i was pulling back in some leftover urine from my urethra so i don't dribble. This did in fact solve the dribbling problem however once i thought about it, it really didn't make sense. I should just be able to relax, let it all drip out and shake the penis. The fact that i could not do this was indicative of a problem for me.

So i got brave a few weeks ago and started implementing this. Not going to lie, it was quite disgusting at first and i DID dribble because i had little to no control over my pelvic floor. So even if i didn't kegel to get the leftover urine back it, my pelvic floor remained tense so while i was shaking my wille, i could not get all the urine out. Once i started to move, i'd dribble on the floor. Yes, this is very disgusting but i consider this part of the process. A few days passed and i was learning to relax more and more. 3 weeks in i can do this easily and have 0 dribble, i just shake my penis and i'm done. Peeing feels liberating now and i no longer feel i have to pee every 3-4 hours (i used to pee constantly before).

This in turn helped my get better erections and i no longer have to "flex" to keep my erection going. It appears it fixed my flaccid state even more.

As a follow up, i noticed that i tend to do the same contractions every time i'd pass a stool, so i've been focusing on NOT clenching my ass at all. This is much easier said than done apparently.

Long story short, i am pretty sure there is a direct connection between peyronie and the pelvic floor and the pelvic floor problems will eventually lead to peyronie and Erectile Dysfunction.
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I totally believe that it is true in at least a portion of the cases of Peyronies Disease.  I know I had very similar issues that you have and can concur that my pelvic floor disorder has greatly exacerbated my recovery time and what I have been able to successfully do.
45 Yrs old, Peyronies Disease Onset 11/2019, Stabilized 6/2020.

Dent/Hourglassing distal and dorsal side, lost length and girth.

Underwent Plication with Dr. Brian Christine in Birmingham, AL on 6/17/2021. Fully recovered with no complications.


Quote from: peyroniesurprise on October 12, 2020, 04:07:35 PMI should just be able to relax, let it all drip out and shake the penis. The fact that i could not do this was indicative of a problem for me.
Thanks for this post.  I have a similar dribbling issue since I started using Restorex about 6 weeks ago.  Just to make sure I understand you correctly, are you saying the key for you is to relax your pelvic floor muscles after peeing, rather than do a kegel or two?  And in your case, you believe this was because you had a chronically tense pelvic floor?

For context, I suspect my pelvic floor is both somewhat tense and somewhat weak, so I'm not sure if I should be trying to relax it or trying to strengthen it, or both.  Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
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I am going to try this. Previously I've been doing reverse kegals when urinating, which pushes out the urine more deliberately to make sure the bladder is empty. It is also supposed to relax that area, but I am willing to try this and see if it helps at all.

At this stage I think a lot of my Peyronie's has healed but I have a strange rubber like cord that is sometimes quite hard and other times difficult to even feel. It seems to be more like hard flaccid than the hard Peyronie's lumps and the pelvic floor is often said to be closely related.  
55 years old. First developed Peyronie's in 2012. Tried all the usual treatments without success and generally only got worse. Seeing improvement following a move to a raw whole food plant based diet, plus flax seeds, lots of water and yoga.