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Author Topic: Am I having reoccurrence?  (Read 72 times)

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Am I having reoccurrence?
« on: October 12, 2020, 04:07:11 PM »

18 months ago I had incision and grafting Surgery to correct an upward curve of over 90 degrees.

The operation was unsuccessful, leaving me with a residual curve of around 45 degrees, loss of both erect and flaccid length of around 1 1/2 inches, and constant discomfort from extreme turtling and circumcision.

I’m still trying various things to regain some length and generally help things relax (VED, daily tadalafil, l-citrulline) and have ordered a foreskin restoration device.

Anyway over the last few weeks I have been experiencing painful erections again.  It’s right at the top of the shaft near the head.  Underneath is painful if I gently squeeze, and I have stinging and discomfort in the tip, although that has eased a little in the last day.

I cannot feel any new lump, although to be honest it’s difficult to tell.

I’m totally gutted to have painful erections again.  I cannot believe that this whole thing can be starting again. 

How can I be sure what’s going on?  I have a call with a urologist this week, as I’m still having 3 monthly follow ups (not with the original surgeon). What should I ask?

Thanks for any help
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