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Fracture vs Peyronies?

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I can't tell whether I have peyronies or if I actually just have a broken penis. I seriously am struggling to maintain a meaningful erection, and I worry that I have been misdiagnosed. Wondering if we can get a thread started on people who have knowledge on both and can share?

Any sharing would be wonderful.

Cheers and happy penile health! LOL a woman I went out with today called it "Sad penis syndrome" that made me laugh :)
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This topic is best posted in the Peyronies Disease section of the forum since it it not a discussion on how to deal with Erectile Dysfunction.

I will move it.

You either broke your penis or you didn't.  I see in your signature line you were diagnosed with Peyronies Disease.   I see no mention that you fractured your penis.

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