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I first noticed signs of deformity back in Nov 2019. My deformity was predominantly visible when semi erect and would mostly fill out when fully erect. There was no curve. Slight shortening. There was only mild indentation and hourglassing. Very mild pain. This was accompanied by some red discolouration, the appearance of a ring of white scar tissue around the foreskin,  the appearance two small patches of spider veins on the shaft, and a general toughening of the internal structure of the flaccid penis.

Now, almost one year later, the discolouration is complete gone. The white scar tissue is less visible. The spider veins have diminished. There are still some moments where the flaccid feels hard but it is less often and subsides quickly with light massage/hand traction. No pain. The shortening seems to be reversing. Still some hourglassing while semi erect but that is less frequent.

I believe one of the most critical medications to my success was the daily Cialis but I am sure I owe any successes to the combination of everything mixed with the healing process over time.

I have still more progress to go and more treatments to add. I still need to add VED.

I don't even know if I truly had Peyronie's. If it was then it was very mild. Still, whatever it was it was enough to scare me into taking better care of my penile health.

I am going to focus most of my attention towards being positive about my improvement. I am very thankful for the information and guidance of this forum but I do find it slightly depressing. I noticed that the people who do recover leave this forum behind them. That leaves a picture where it is harder to find the success stories that I know are there. This is a disease that eats at a man's soul and I want to take a step back from this forum and focus on my own experience.

I will update this thread at the end of the year. I have lots of improvement but there is still more healing to be done. I would like to thank this forum for the guidance and information it has provided.

Best of luck to everyone who is fighting this disease. Don't lose hope. Healing can happen.  
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All the recommended supplements.
Acetyl L-Carnitine
Fish Oil
Cialis daily 5mg
Grape seed extract
Heated rice bag
Melatonin and magnesium for a good sleep
Wellbutrin to help with depression
Green tea
Quitting nicotine
Light massage to try and prevent fibrosis

I didn't take pentox though. I tried to do replicate a similar effect with blood thinners.

Essentially I just did everything I could to promote general health, improve circulation, and create an environment of healing.

Still have some issues but I am confident all it will take is more time.  I will update my progress at the end of the year.
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