Systemic proteolytic enzymes? Serrapeptase/Nattokinase/etc

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Something I would like to discuss on here with the experienced guys is proteolytic enzyme supplements. I don't know if anyone on here is aware but there is something called systemic proteolytic enzymes. These are enzymes which are meant to get into your blood stream as opposed to digestive enzymes which is a different type that is meant to help digest food. Some of the systemic enzymes are Serrapeptase and Nattokinase. I believe Bromelain in pineapple might also be a systemic enzyme. I also think Grapefruit Seed Extract might be a systemic enzyme.

If you go online you will see a lot of supplements containing systemic enzymes being advertised as scar tissue destroyers. They are supposedly able to break down fibrin. Vitalzym is one example. In order to supposedly get into your blood stream they have to be enteric coated pills. Otherwise your stomach acid will destroy them. I believe the official name for using these things might be called systemic enzyme therapy.

I'm not aware any studies that support this idea of systemic enzyme supplements destroying scar tissue though. Does anyone know more about this? This is just a guess on my part. Because if Peyronie's Disease is scar tissue, then maybe something that can attack scar tissue can help.

I have bought a bottle of Vitalzy, Serrapeptase, and Nattokinase and am going to take them every day and see if it helps. There is actually a systemic enzyme product called Trebinase that specifically advertises as a treatment for Peyronie's. It's on Amazon and they have a website. Very expensive though.

Does anyone think that Peyronie's Disease is similar to Pulmonary Fibrosis? That is a scar tissue damage to lungs disease. It seems to me like they might share some similarities. Maybe the treatments used for Pulmonary Fibrosis could help us? Fibrenza is a supplement that advertises as a treatment for PF.
31. Western PA. Developed Peyronies Disease seemingly after a few weeks of SSRI (Prozac) use. Always had slight left curve. But now very bad.


Did taking nattokinase etc help? I'm going to try it as well.
- mid 20s
- bend started November 2020
- acute phase? Some pain, not much, but bend to the left 30 to 40 degrees and left side starting to shrink
- not doing traction yet, planning on trying restoreX


26 y. o. Peyronie since 2020: mild curvature to the right - 20*; multiple nodules, scarring; dents on the left and right sides, mild hourglassing; can have sex. Healhy diet, traction, and VED. F*ck Peyronies.


I tried taking nattokinase/serrapeptase, and it made me very sick.

I had taken serrapeptase in the past (for something other than Peyronies Disease), and I was taking it daily for awhile.  Then one day I had a really bad reaction to it (vomiting, diarrhea).

Recently I got a combo nattokinase/serrapeptase supplement, figured maybe my last batch had just gone bad and that it wouldn't bother me this time---but several hours after taking the very first natto/serra pill, I was on a 3-hour hell-ride of stomach pain & vomiting. Maybe the body can just acquire a permanent sensitivity to this stuff. I won't be taking it any more!
No specific injury; dorsal dent under glans erect on Feb 7, 2023
400mg pentoxifylline 2x daily
Vit E, Ubiquinol, ALCAR, L-Citrulline, Arginine, Turmeric, Fish Oil
Already on Keto diet
Occasional 2.5mg tadalafil & heat packs


I have heard this enzyme help with fertility issues in women. Perhaps it takes care of some of the uterine scar tissue after prior STIs, which can indeed cause infertility.

I am not sure about Peyronies Disease, however.
Snake Diet + 5-day fasts + pentox + NeoV's stretching routine + Mito Red Light. Curvature 99% gone.

I also used Todd Capistrant's "Fascial Distortion Model" to help my curvature. Start slowly.


What about using DMSO with serrapeptase directly on the penis?
Diagnosed after two uro visits march 2023. physical exam no ultrasound
Noticed upward bend october 22.
currently on 5mg cialis and using hot rice sock. trying to find right traction device
Pain started 12 2022.


Quote from: olowshinenine on July 30, 2023, 10:25:49 PMWhat about using DMSO with serrapeptase directly on the penis?

Terrible idea. There was a study of one guy who injected Nattokinase and Serrapeptase into his dick and had to amputate an arm.

I was reading a lot into DMSO for a while as I wanted to test it but the more I read about it the more certain I became about never using it. DMSO penetrates skin and can carry bacteria into the bloodstream. If unlucky one could end up in the hospital with sepsis. I am not talking about DMSO for other body parts but for the penis. Your underwear can carry bacteria. The whole genital area carries sweat and bacteria all day. Terrible idea.

Here is the study BTW.
30 years. Sudden rightwards curve detected in June 2020
narrowing on right side and about a 20° curve to the right.
Weakened erections and instability due to narrowing.


he injected it into his left radial artery .ie. into his arm.
There is a patent for the idea of using DMSO with proteolytic enzymes:
although the molecular weight is much higher than the rule of thumb for DMSO (400), there was a study that found DMSO can permeate serrapeptase it through skin..  I haven't read of cases of sepsis from DMSO although it is not  new and probably has been used a lot in humans and horses.  Cleaning and disinfecting the skin would be  advisable though.
oral serrapeptase was one of the first things I used and it did seem to reduce or kill pain.
Age 57, Onset 2010, 2" shortening, shrinking and angulation of glans, weaker erections, 30 degree bend. Mild pain few months, but far from worst symptom. Tried many ideas, not just from here, but not consistently. Moderate improvement, maybe 40%