2 Great Resources for those willing to work on improving their Happiness

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Studies show that 18 months after being paralyzed or 18 months after winning a lottery that most people are back to their original level of happiness, that life events are not as significant at determining happiness as we think.

There are, however, very specific things that do change our happiness if we work on them.  One is meditation.  Not something I, by nature, gravitate to, but it works for a multitude of reasons.  One reason is it teaches you to stop ruminating on negative thoughts and teaches us how to let them pass.  It takes a little time to learn, but if you are consistent, within a week, you are getting it.  Here is about the best free site around.  It also has a 7-day learning course for beginners.  Link--> www.insighttimer.com

For a full understanding of how to truly impact your level of happiness, first learn how. Trying is better than complaining that it won't work.  Here is a free Yale course.  
Link--> https://www.coursera.org/learn/the-science-of-well-being?fbclid=IwAR2eJ4IUorZSpVc5mh4ThQwygogR9kVFo4MUWZuByo3yoMfM7rfu0AwaElQ

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