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Question in regards to direction of curvature

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Hello, I believe I have Peyronie's disease however after seeing a urologist who couldn't feel anything when flaccid said to follow up with him in three months while taking vitamin e supplements. He also mentioned to bring a picture with an erection so he can further evaluate my condition. However, I have been experiencing more pain and more curvature so I am going back soon to begin treatment. I believe he said he will prescribe me some oral medications in order to treat it, but we will see. One thing I have noticed however is that my curvature seems to curve away from where the scar tissue I believe is. What I mean is that my right side experiences pain and feels harder and maybe I can feel some hardened scar tissue near the base of the right side of my shaft. I only bring this up because in all Google searches of the disease I have noticed that the penis curves towards the direction of side with the scar tissue and not away. What have you guys noticed in your cases? Just a question that's been bugging me thanks for your guy's input.
Age 27, symptoms for about a year now.


My curvature is on the sides with the plaque, not away from it.  It started as a dent/narrowing first, then the curvature set in as it goes to 100% erection. 
45 Yrs old, Peyronies Disease Onset 11/2019, Stabilized 6/2020.

Dent/Hourglassing distal and dorsal side, lost length and girth.

Underwent Plication with Dr. Brian Christine in Birmingham, AL on 6/17/2021. Fully recovered with no complications.


Yes, normaly curves where the plaque is. The low point of the curve the plaque. The pivot point.

But depending on where the plaque is, the tissue and erection could be influenced differently, creating a different curve/shape.
Also it's state, if it's soft or hard..

Many docs will say to wait until it's fully settled and the plaque is hard, but you can do some measure, just read around the forum.
Also making sure to the doc that you need something, now, helps. It's wise to good on Pentox early on.(check for side effects etc obviously)
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