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Author Topic: I hope that Medical community read our sad stories and will find a solution.  (Read 253 times)

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My dear friends, I have tired of it. I can’t struggle anymore. I truly respect Old man, he is a hero and coped 66 years with this. But, personally - I can’t. I’m too young. I coped somehow 8 years and don’t know how to cope another years. I have no idea. I can’t enjoy life with friends, because my mind almost on autopilot regime. I even can not simply walking as regular person, because the jeans gives me a discomfort. I don’t have a curvature nor pain, but I have disgusting constant discomfort under my skin. My thoughts almost 24/7 about this condition that’s why I lost my great job and no wonder soon become homeless. Every morning, I can’t still believe it’s my a new reality. I’m probably weak since the birth and system chosen me like in some horror movie or God punished me for something in my past. But, as far as I remember, I was always kind to people, or at least tried to be. Who knows. So, I hope that medical community and urologist community read our sad stories and finally will find a solution. They need to team up and find a cure. They don’t realize the scale of this tragedy as people every day get a sudden injury. They don’t realize it and act dismissive-rude with newbies saying that “everything in the head”. Seriously, they need to meet and find a real solution, otherwise it will lead to a bad impacts. Urologists need to do their job/research well instead of buying expensive cars, buying useless offices in skyscrapers and build useless expensive clinics. Please dear friends, some of you live in USA and may have a good friends in Hollywood or in elite community. Yes, it sounds naive, but we need team up and get attention through the media - tell our stories and current condition, record some anonymous video, newspapers or make a video like FIFA does and put in youtube. Otherwise, We and newbies will suffer this horrible condition and will live in constant emotional pain for the rest of our lives.
(Thanks for reading and Apologize for poor english)


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There are a lot of solutions already. Especially in the US. A magic pill wont happen though.
What sucks is EU socialized government medicine and the options. I guess it's similar or worse in RU..
Daily Transdermals and Traction/VED solved my Peyronies Disease,12587.0.html (DMSO+X)


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What are the solutions (that will work for all people every time)? To my knowledge implant is the only 99% solution. And surgery, sort of. Everything else is luck and persistence and then some more luck.
45 y.o. Single. Onset of symptoms (pain-stinging like a wasp) @ 6/2018. No sudden injury. Curve developed slowly. 40 deg. dorsal. Hourglassing. Torsion to left flaccid. 4 rounds xiaflex. Restorex, DMSO+, heat, arginine, cialis, lipoic acid, vit. K2


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Agreed. Wish doctors would come up with something new, cause so far there really isn't that much you can do that ACTUALLY works.
Age: 25
Date of onset: 17
Symptoms: sharp pains, numbness, change in shape/size, hourglassing and discolaration from jelqing/VED usage as a teen. Diagnosed with a venous leak and possible scarring.
Treatments tried: cialis, pentox and VED didnt help
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