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Dear All, I've been diagnosed peyronie in 2016, at that time it's been slightly curved on left but till date it's heavily curved on left and severely upward, during sex erection quite painful and I observed my penis getting short by the length.
in 2016 my URO recommended me to do the treatment with XIAFLEX INJECTION of three dose but due to the no coverage by insurance nor by OHIP in Canada I ignored my URO advise.
Does anybody know that any qualified URO in Ontario Canada please do forward me the reference as soon as possible, as of now I feel quite burning sensation while peeing and feeling pain in my left testicle.
I am not sure that how did i get peyronie either wrong way of sex or due to the diabetes.
I'd be very thankful to you if someone forward me any reference  or treatment or any Urologist

Kind Regards : Sajshz
50 years old, diagnosed Peyronie disease in 2016 , type 2 Diabetes since 2010