PEG Surgery - Excision / Grafting - Overview so far

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Due to Covid shutdowns, my Excision / Grafting surgery with Dr Karpman that was scheduled in March was cancelled.
However this past week, they opened up for "elective" surgeries ( wouldnt call this elective ..) so on Tuesday I went under the knife.

First, due to Covid, I had to get screened, which was surprisingly easier than I thought. It was a scheduled drive through testing, and was in and out under 5 minutes. Test came back the next day as "Negative" so I was good to go.

Surgery overview

Scheduled time was at 12:00. Arrived at the hospital at 10:00 for check in. Scrubbed up, and they started an IV and Antibiotic drip.
Was wheeled into the OR around 12:15. The nursing staff was outstanding and really helped put me at ease.
Wont lie, was a little nervous, especially right before going under. I remember a warm feeling of what I would call purple branches going through my vision... then I woke up in recovery.

Dr Karpman came right over and showed me a before and after. He commented that when they injected me to full erection on the before my curve was closer to 90 degrees. The " after " looked pretty dang straight at full erection to me, but will see how it heals.

They had inserted a catheter and Dr Karpman had wrapped me up pretty tight. Stayed in recovery for a bit, then was wheeled out around 5:00 to go home.

No real pain, but awkward carrying around a bag of pee for a few days. Glad we are still working from home.
I was mainly on Tylenol and avoided the stronger drugs. Some discomfort from the catheter, but still no real pain.

On Thursday, went for follow up and to have the bandages and catheter removed.
Wow.. looks like a truck ran over him, then backed up for good measure. Dr Karpman said everything looked great, and I could shower, then start baths on Friday. He showed more pictures, which were fascinating to see.

Some discharge from the incision sights, but was normal.

Some discomfort last night. (Friday), but on Advil now. The baths seem to help alot. No additional discharge.
Still a donut shaped swelling and normal black / blue.
Just keeping neosporine on incision sights, and thats about it. Still a bit numb.

I go back in two weeks for follow up. Will start on some Cialis and a pump protocal after that.

So far the experience has been better than expected. Dr Karpman is great, and if you are on west coast, highly recommended.

Will try to post additional updates over the next few months

51 yrs old. >70 degree curve / Excision - Grafting scheduled with Dr. Karpman


Congrats!  Is the PEG surgery the same as plication?
PxD 2 yrs 9/16.  Failed all treatment. 9/11/18: excision, grafting & implant Dr Karpman MtnView Ca, AMS CX 18cm + 3-1cm RTEs.
Pump failed.  2/11/20 Dr Karpman installed Titan 22cm +1cm RTE.


No, PEG is the Penile Excision Grafting , so cutting out completely the mass ( which had calcified ) , then grafting in the cadaver skin
If I remember the cut / graft area was 2cm X 3cm

51 yrs old. >70 degree curve / Excision - Grafting scheduled with Dr. Karpman


Started 3 yrs ago. Had placation in July 2019.
I did notice shortening 
Update 8/2021 the last 5 months started to bend upward about 45 degrees an inch out.
Now using traction and medication prescribed but cannot tolerate


TonySa. Plication and excision are two totally different procedures! 

Plication is less invasive with no chance of Erectile Dysfunction or complications.  Shortening of the longer side

Excision is deeper surgery and removal of the plaque.   A simple google search will discuss


Interested to hear how you are doing and what you are doing for rehabilitation in regards to stretching etc. I had mine done almost 3 weeks ago. I posted my journey so far earlier today.
Hope recovery is going well!
55 years old 5 months post op LUE procedure with Prof Ralph in London to fix 90 degree bend to left. Currently doing Traction and VED to gain back 2 inches lost in length, which is going well. Taking daily Cialis and having great erections and sex.