Anyone used Hirudoid Cream?

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So, it's very cheap and also available OTC.

Hirudoid Cream contains mucopolysaccharide polysulfate and I haven't seen anyone or any study try this with peyronies. It's used for scar tissue and apparently softening it. Anti inflammatory, anti thrombotic etc.

Anyone know anything about it. Studies show it effective on scaring, nothing on peyronies but I'd imagine the same or similar mechanism applies.

Might be worth applying this long term and consistently. Keen to hear thoughts, perhaps it can be combined with other topical products.  
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I once bought this for another matter- suspected penile thrombosis. i was warned by a pharmacist not to use it so I didnt.

But I think there is a valid reason here for trying it. Did you try it yourself? or have you found anything else out about it?
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I found a couple of studies on MPS, the/one of the, active ingredients:
MPS provided improvement of skin hydration but not skin elasticity in woman with dry skin, compared with vehicle control. MPS could also improve the hydration human skin for at least 10 hours after single application.
results clearly demonstrate that MPS is stable and that a small fraction of it is percutaneously absorbed by human and minipig skin.
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can this be bought in the US and Canada?


Everytime I apply hirudoid cream on my penis my balls start hurting and they get sensitive to touch. Why does this happen? I assume some of the cream gets on my balls but why do they start hurting  
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