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Author Topic: here’s my story so far...  (Read 2086 times)

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here’s my story so far...
« on: March 21, 2020, 11:38:34 PM »

Hey guys, although I’ve been lurking here for quite a while this is my first post, and my first time talking to anyone other than a doctor about this...

I’m from Portugal, 31 years old, and this all started around December 2018, when I first felt a little lump on my penis shaft, felt weird but no redness or pain peeing so I decided to wait it out... a couple of months passed and I started noticing a dent on the right side of my penis, on the top and on the bottom, kinda like it was being pinched. No loss of erection or anything, just that...
Went to the urologist, who told me it could probably be Peyronie, and was told to just leave it and see where it would go... a couple of months go by and my penis starts bending slightly to the right a bit, and still have that pinch on the right side, below the gland... it wasn’t that bad to be honest, but some time later, it started going to the other direction! By that point it started to deform my penis a bit, as I had a pinch on the right side and a slight curve to the left, but it didn’t stop there... after a while, my penis lost the curve and got straight, but now I had the pinch on both sides, giving it the hourglass look, and as time went on that got worse, and now It looks more like the neck of a bottle than an hourglass, meaning, from the base of my penis to the middle it’s a normal penis, followed by a pinch around the penis where it loses girth, and from that pinch forward it’s thinner...

I can feel a little plaque of sorts on both sides of the penis where it narrows, but honestly don’t know if it’s a plaque or a scar, as it doesn’t feel too hard to the touch... Getting a proper diagnose is hard here in Portugal, since there’s no specialist on these matters, or at least that I know of, and with a “mild” case like mine doctors tend to not pay much attention... right now my main problem may be considered aesthetic, since I can maintain an erection and don’t have that much pain when erect, but, to be honest it takes a heavy toll psychologically... I feel uncomfortable with an erection, always afraid to make things worse, and my penis looks mutilated and a bit shorter...

Since my first appointment with the doctor I searched all over the internet for answers, and that’s when I found this forum, and the amount of information is overwhelming as it’s not in my natural language and it’s a different reality from what I witness with doctors here on my country! I read a bunch of things, and already ordered a traction device and I’m already taking a multivitamin with Vit E, it’s a stretch but that’s the first real treatment that I’ll experience, since the doctor opted for the wait and see method...

I have pictures of the progression of my Peyronie, but I’m fairly new to posting in any kind of forum and can’t find a way to post them... I will try to post them because in all my internet search about Peyronie I never seen a penis with the same look as mine, so I don’t know if I’m the only one with this kind of deformity! Every pic I saw of hourglass Peyronie the erection  continues after the pinch, not with me!

Anyway, I’ll be trying the traction for the next months and try to update to all if any changes. Everybody here is so supportive and positive that I had to stop lurking and be a part of that too... sorry if this post is confusing at times, but it’s hard for me to write in English what I think in portuguese...

Thanks for reading my story, and for any input you can give me! :)
Portugal, 31 years, Peyronie since around February 2019, agressive hourglass, currently taking Vitamin E
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