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Author Topic: For the Newbies- Update On My Peyronie's Case  (Read 8468 times)

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For the Newbies- Update On My Peyronie's Case
« on: September 06, 2010, 07:37:43 PM »

Hey all,

I am writing this for the new sufferers, the guys who are newly diagnosed and possibly suicidal. I have been through it and received a huge amount of help here so today, I am giving back. I've been a member of this forum for about a year and a half now and have been through quite a journey since being diagnosed in late 2008 at the age of 39. Here's the good news: Mine, is most likely the worst case you will have ever heard of and you will probably not be remotely hit as hard as I have been by the actual disease: Not just a bent penis but complete and total "shrinkage/loss of size"; something I most likely would have shot myself in the face over had it not happened as gradually as it did and had not had the benefit of this forum. It started with pain during urination and developed into pain while erect and a tiny pea sized lump at the end of my penis. Some dumb a$$ doctor misdiagnosed me with "Prostatitis" and I continued engaging in the behavior (which I believe caused it in the first place) because I didn't know any better. Had I been properly diagnosed and ceased the behavior immediately, I believe it would have never been as bad as it has been.

The Cause: I was using a cock ring for hours on end, sometimes twice a week, with a semi erect penis (hence the cock ring) and a girl who I wasn't very into (hence the lack of erection). She demanded penetration and didn't really care that I was "shooting pool with a belt" so I'd continue to try and please her. I never used Viagra because my Dr. didn't think it was something my body would do well on (I liked to party). Sometimes the "sex" would go on for 4 or 5 hours. A semi-erect penis, cock ring on, going in and out of a very tight vagina (sometimes quite dry) for hours and hours. Also, I was also on a high dosage of glucosamine chondroitin for my knees which has been linked to the development of Peyronie's.

The Case: Within about 6 months, I had developed a deformity of the upper right hand side of the corpora cavernosa, just behind the Glans. Within a year, the deformity had expressed itself on the left hand side, creating a "thinning out" of the penis but retaining the girth at around 50% below my circumcision scar. Over the next year, the entire penis was reduced in length and girth and I am now almost 60% of what I once was down there. Now, I know this sounds like the worse thing that could ever happen to a man but the bizarre thing about the whole experience is that it hasn't, believe it or not, been as bad as you'd think.

The Impact: I've managed to not only maintain my erections but have achieved some of the strongest of my life thanks to Old Man and his guiding me through VED therapy. I also got a lot of help from other forum members regarding supplements (Don't let anyone tell you they don't work). I got serious about my health and not only stopped smoking (Smoking= ERECTION DEATH) and partying but changed my diet and started exercising, allowing me to use Viagra for the times when I'm not feeling so confident. Through all of this and most importantly, because of all this, I was finally able to commit to a great person and for the first time, experience monogamy and the beauty it brings to a life. Peyronie's "clipped my wings" and disallowed me to run around like the stud I always fancied myself as. My girlfriend, who eventually moved in with me and has since become my fiancé, still, to this day hasn't noticed anything. You see, I stopped screwing her like a porn star (no matter what you think boys, they don't like it) and started making love to her; I turned off the lights, stopped waving my dick around and subsequently found real intimacy and beauty with her (she is 20 years my junior and more in love with me than she's ever been).

Today: I am making more money than ever, have the stability and home life which supports me as a man and my entrepreneurial spirit and am happier than I have ever been in my life. You might not be able to beat this thing, but you WILL be able to find happiness despite it. I have and you will too. Thanks guys- I really love you all and feel fortunate to have had you guiding me through this terrible, "not over yet", pile of crap illness...



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Re: For the Newbies- Update On My Peyronie's Case
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2021, 09:51:12 AM »

An old post I found tucked away in the wrong area of the forum.  I felt it deserved some prominence.  I will likely make it a sticky post on this board.

The member last logged in to the forum 10 years ago.

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