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Where can I buy a SOMAcorrect in the United States????

The only place I can find it is on the iMEDicare  and I don't think they ship to the U.S.

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Found this, too. Everything I'm reading indicates it's the same product. Ordered today and order was already processed. Available in U.S.
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The one through Amazon appears like the one sold through the company. Although if you read through the customer reviews they state that the tube sizes can be different and none of the parts are covered under the manufacturers warranty. Customers also complain about the pump handle being flimsy and breaking off. It could be a knock off one compared to teh original.
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If you're looking to buy a SOMAcorrect in the United States, it can be a bit challenging since it is primarily distributed by iMEDicare, which indeed might not ship to the U.S. Here are a few alternative suggestions:

Contact iMEDicare Directly: Even though their standard policy might not include shipping to the U.S., it's worth reaching out to them directly. Sometimes companies can make exceptions or provide more information on where their products can be purchased in the U.S.

Check with Medical Supply Stores: Some specialized medical supply stores in the U.S. might carry or be able to order the SOMAcorrect for you. It's worth giving them a call.

Online Marketplaces: Websites like eBay or Amazon sometimes have listings for specialized medical devices. Ensure that you're buying from a reputable seller to avoid counterfeit products. Personally, I prefer Amazon.

Consult a Urologist: Sometimes, medical professionals can order specific medical devices directly or provide a reliable source where such devices can be obtained.

Alternative Devices: If you can't find SOMAcorrect, consider discussing with your healthcare provider about similar devices that might be more readily available in the U.S.

I hope this helps, and you're able to find what you need!
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