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Author Topic: My Erectile Dysfunction diary... Thoughts, treatments, ramblings....  (Read 55 times)

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Hey guys. After so many years in this board i realized i never sort of hard a diary here, per se. I did vent out a couple of times, but never opened up a thread where i could post continuous updates about my condition/progress and what treatments and doctors i pursue with photos and documents to back up my statements; i think that in a forum like this, where people are in despair with their condition and fall prey to quack treatments and easy fixes, with scammers roaming around and guys making false and outrageous claims it is the way to go.

8th of august 2014
I had sex with a girl, and during intercourse i felt a sting on the penis. Went to sleep, didn't make much about. Had a slight discomfort sensation in the penis, but no pain. 12h later i woke up with a small hematoma, but no bruising on the right side of the penis. Went to the ER and i was told it was nothing. Ended up having a flaccid ultrasound that showed nothing, and then was sent home. Tried having intercourse 1 week later, and thats when my erection difficulties started.

29th of August 2014
Finally went to a urologist that diagnosed me with a small penile fracture, but said that it was too late for a repair. I had to let it heal now, and the damage was done. I ended up going to a lot of doctors in that time period for second opinions and they all agreed on the same thing. I was given Pentox to help with the treatment. My erections were super painful, but eventually stopped hurting. I was left with moderate E.D. I could not sustain my erection, but i could achieve one. Erection substantially improved with pills.

May 2015

I tried to have intercourse with a girl, and i was able to achieve and maintain an erection but it felt much weaker than previous ones. I did not take viagra, and ended up feeling my penis bending inside of her again since my erection was not rigid enough. That further worsened my Erectile Dysfunction, and my erections where not as solid as before.

Sometime around this month, i saw another Urologist in Portugal that listened to me and provided some support and guidance, but wasn't able to offer much help other than the usual. (injections, pills and or vacuum pump).

I also spoke on the phone with Dr. Irwin Goldstein (San Diego Sexual Medicine), who used to (and maybe still does today?) a surgery  that might help restore natural erections, in cases of penile trauma, or trauma in the perineum area. I promised to myself that i would make everything possible to go and see him when i had the money to.

June 2015
I was fed up with the Portuguese public health system, and given that i had family in Canada, i emigrated here. I worked non stop till February 2016 and i finally had the money to go and see Dr. Goldstein.

March 2016
I travelled from Toronto to San Diego, to see Dr. Goldstein and diagnose properly my condition. I spoke with her sexual therapist, and then had my consultation with him in the Office. I still remember to this day how amazing it feels to be properly listened to. Just wow.... I did not want to, but i ended up having an ultrasound diagnostic in his office. 950$ CAD out of my pocket for my consultation and ultrasound... Plus plane tickets.

Unfortunately his surgery wasn't for me, since i already had fibrosis in my penis. He recommended i tried injections or pills. I did asked for an implant there, but i was not too pleased with the answers i got, since it was from his assistant i got the answers and she said i would loose length and might have other issues and i was also too young.

January <-> September 2017
I saw two urologists in Canada. Dr. Greenspan in Hamilton. and Ethan Grober in Toronto. Both where a waste of time. At least Greenspan offered me a prescription for Cialis daily, which i take. Ethan grober didn't even wanted to listen to me properly and dismissed me almost instantly. Literally asked me "what did i want him to do for me....

August 2018
I was missing intimacy a lot after being alone with no sex since 2015, and after turning down a lof of girls i eventually caved in and went out for a couple of dates with a girl from my home town. During one of those dates and while we where making out... i had my penis erect in my pants, bent out to the left. She was moving a lot and i felt another slight sting in me penis. My Erectile Dysfunction further worsened, and i lost a little bit more length and gained slight curvature to the left. I totally avoided her, and other girls that approached me after that in anger in frustration.

September 2018
I managed to get an appointment with Dr. Gerald Brock, in London Ontario. He does implants as well, and is one of the few Canadian doctors in the area doing so. He did not want to do the implant on me, but he said i was very knowledgeable and he was impressed that i knew about restorex. He offered to give me a sample and also wanted to do a Ultrasound on me for further exploration, as well as he was going to email Dr. Irwin Goldstein to get all my documention from the 2016 visit as well as the exam report.

February 2019
I went back to St. Josephs hospital in London for an ultraosound but it did not go according to plan. I was there on time, at the correct location and floor but the assitant did not told me i needed to register so i was there for 1.5 hours waiting, seing patients go in and out till eventually there was no one there. She eventually called upstairs to the 4th Floor, and Dr. Gerald Brock was furious that i made him come down and gave me a huge reprimand. IU had a flaccid ultrasound which, surprise surpise, did not show anything. I did manage to get my Restorex sample that day finally. Sadly, i haven't had the courage to use it still due to concerns with my girth and clamping the device on the penile glans too much.,11963.msg110947.html#msg110947

January 2019
I went back home to Portugal for vacation, after these 4.5 years of staying in Canada. There i ended up seeing a Urologist that also does Penile implants and is the closest thing there is there compared to the US in terms of treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. A private practice you can go to and get yourself a penile implant. It was a positive consultation and i got to know that it costs around 13.000 euros to do it out of pocket.,13002.msg119280.html#msg119280

February 2020
I am currently back in Canada. Looking for another job, within my industry that pays more and allows me to travel and see Dr. Eid or Dr. Kramer. I am currently unsure of how to proceed, because i wanted Dr. Kramer to do my implant but from what i understood he does not do appointments before the procedure and trusts his patients to know about their condition and to have done all the tests before. Dr. Eid does have you do an ultrasound and cistoscopy before the procedure to check your urethra has no damage and that is something i would like to do, as i currently have my doubts about my condition. If all goes well, i will be able to see one of them this year and hopefully kick start my implant surgery plan phase.


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Re: My Erectile Dysfunction diary... Thoughts, treatments, ramblings....
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2020, 01:59:17 PM »

I figured i started with the diary... after plenty times thinking about it, but with no thoughts coming out... it's clear to see Erectile Dysfunction is taking it's toll on me mentally and i really need to reach out for help. thanks to the ones that read this, even tho i expect no answer in particular. Just venting out and putting my thoughts out there. I guess it felt somewhat good....


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Re: My Erectile Dysfunction diary... Thoughts, treatments, ramblings....
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2020, 03:05:17 PM »

Thanks for the journal.  Mine are more like “chapters” in my life, so that’s how I label them.  Seems you have seen a lot of doctors and done a bunch of traveling.  I hope you finally get the help you want and need.  If you ever find yourself in SoCal again, I would suggest Dr Yafi.  Wouldn’t hurt to get yet another opinion and he is my go to andrologist.  Wish you luck man
46 yrs old, 3 yrs diagnosed, 3 shots of Xiaflex resulting in hematomas/burst dorsal vein or fracture at tip, excision/grafting surgery March 26th successfully performed by Dr Faysal Yafi, pelvic floor therapy with Laureen McVickers
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