Suspected mild case of Peyronie?

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Hi y'all,

I'm new to this forum, so I'd like to thank you for having this medium to express one's concerns and share experiences.

I'm 37, healthy, and I began this year with a lot of will-power to do lots of things. Now I'm really down and blue that I can barely accept this situation.

I contacted my GP last month after I noticed some burning feeling while urinating. Urine tests were ok. Nevertheless, he prescribed Ciprofloxacin. After a week or so, I noticed my left testicle ache and, touching to find the source of pain, I also noticed a tiny round lump or nodule on the left side of my penis shaft. I also saw a slight bend of my glans to the left - not a big deal, really, but I am scared sh**less. I spent four years with a woman and recently broke up, so it wasn't there before, or else I (we) would have noticed it for sure.

I went to urologist/andrologist, had some eco-doppler tests done, new urine tests... all good, except for mild varicocele on my testicles. I still feel a burning sensation down in my urethra, as if I had a fishing hook pulling my penis at all times.

The urologist examined me and said I should not worry too much, that he's seen lots of cases and only two were serious. He assumed it was Peyronie's.

I'm not convinced, but it's affecting me psychologically already. I'm tense and worried, and I fear it might ruin my life.

I do have erections, but I feel they are not that hard - probably because my mind is playing a huge part on this, and not because I have difficulties getting it up. I mean, I was a walking hard-on barely a month ago with my woman, so I don't have "that" issue. (I had to do a Kegel test, so I had to masturbate, all good. I don't usually masturbate a lot, but did it again last night and it was hard enough.)

I have changed my diet completely (not that I ate bad at all). Chia, sesame, and sunflower seeds, spinach, bananas, onions, red peppers and chili peppers, ginger tea and honey. I'm also taking CBD oil, and began applying it on my penis to reduce the burning feeling - it kinda soothes it, but I cannot tell if it's psychological or for real. I've just bought coconut oil and will give it a try.

I feel as if I had a nail across the shaft, piercing it, and also another one in the urethra. A constant burning feeling. Are these symptoms usual? I feel I not correctly diagnosed, and perhaps this might be thrombosis or a urethral infection.

I'm also a bit concerned because before I contacted my GP and urologist, I had gone to a dermatologist for an eczema on my penis shaft, a bit near the area where the nodule is located. I was prescribed miconazole, and I applied it topically there for a month, until I discovered this lump... I can't help but relate the two, as if it were a rare side-effect of the medication, though I could find no such thing in the literature.

I'm going to see three different urologists this week. I'll request a testosterone test, an MRI scan and an RX of my penis to have some peace of mind.

Nevertheless, I wonder if

1) There is anyone else suffering from this in such "mild" level
2) Anyone has tried an hollistic approach (homeopathy)
3) Erectile dysfunction ONLY appears as a symptom in serious cases and not in such mild cases where you barely feel any plaque
4) Anyone feels or felt this same way (burning sensation down urethra) in the beginning
5) Anyone has or had this kind of "mild" case of (what the doctors believe is) Peyronie.
6) Also, if the nodule/lump/plaque is made up of collagen, wouldn't coconut oil be counterproductive since it promotes the production of collagen? I don't understand the relation, because I've read it's actually the opposite.

I'm really scared, and I don't want this to be the end of me or my sex life. It feels like a curse.

Your replies would be much appreciated.
Thank you.


Hello Anonymous.  Welcome to the forum.

First and foremost you need to read this carefully at least twice,3180.0.html

It will bring you up to speed on basics.  Burning in the urethra is NOT a typical symptom of Peyronies Disease and is more often related to a urinary tract infection or a stricture.  I am not suggesting you do not have Peyronies Disease but maybe you have a mixed condition with some of your symptoms coming from other causes.

Holistic health is always good but far more important is to stop stressing.  I have seen more Peyronies Disease that seemed to be triggered by the onset of stress than almost any other single factor.  It came in connection with divorce, breakups, or other sources of stress.  Do what you have to do whether it is a hobby, meditation, counseling, etc but stop obsessing and worrying and calmly begin doing what you can do.  Being proactive then turning your attention elsewhere is the most important thing you can do.
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I think this is perhaps irresponsible Hawk. Because people spent time in Auchwitz. They withdrew from heroin. They were in wars. And they didn't all get peyronie's. At best it might have a small causation. I got mine in the middle of the most stressful time of my life.

But this reasoning puts the blame for my peyronie's on me. Like I caused it. And that is a terrible thought to cope with. So everyone that is flawed enough to get a divorce causes their own penile deformity? I don't buy it. It is genetic plain and simple.

Me personally, I am still going through protracted benzodiazepine withdrawal. It is hell on earth. I
have no GABA in my brain. I cannot help being stressed (not an even remotely appropriate term to use for what I have been going through for almost 2 years).

Everyone here says "stop obsessing, blah, blah"

What if you literally cannot? So now there's that plus the thought that I am causing my own peyronie's. F~@< that.
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Samsung is right. Saying that stress causes Peyronies Disease is total crap. To be clear doctors cannot cure most of deseases but they can " help" with simptoms. Every desease that doctor cant cure just say it is because od smoking , stres ..... Just BS. I know guy who died in 28 years od life and he never smoked od usred drugs. He trained from early days of his life and living helthy... On the another hand i know old guy who drink and smoke for 60 years... He is now 82 or 83.... He still do that every day near my house. He looks helthy and he looks like je will never die. MEDICAL INDUSTRY IS BS. Tell my name of some chronic desease that can ne cured ? ONELY YOUR BODY CAN CURE IT BY ITSELF AND THATS IT. When doctors dont know answer Like most of the time they will just say it is because od stres... Hahahahah. If you believe in that you really needs to question yourself :/


Thank you very much for your replies. I appreciate it.

I consulted several other urologists and they all agree it's Peyronies Disease. The scarring or fibrosis, or plaque, or whatever you want to call it, is quite small, it's not deforming my penis horribly, just a slight bend that makes the glans turn to the left a bit, as it were nodding (I have to laugh a bit, otherwise I'll go nuts).

As for stress... I think you are spot on. I'm not saying it is the cause, but it might be a contributing factor. Besides, it's all about blood flow and oxygenation into the penis.

I've been prescribed Pentoxifilline 600mg and Tadalafil 5mg. I'm concerned about the tadalafil because I do get it up, that's not an issue. However, I understand it makes blood flow into the penis, hence keeping things healthy. I'm worried about my body becoming dependant on it to have an erection, but apparently such a small daily dosage is not something to be worried about.

As for the burning feeling, the doc said the nodule is close to the urethra, so that "might" be the cause of it. Had eco-doppler, penile X-ray, blood tests done, urine tests (twice) - everything except and MRI, and nothing shows up there, so I'll keep an eye on the bend and document it.

Certainly, overthinking or obsessing over this condition will just make your life miserable. The only option is to accept it and do everything in one's power to control it, all the while moving on with life the best we can.

I'm inclined to believe - pun not intended - that this is life throwing you a curve ball, to see how you deal with it when you were not expecting such a thing or had lots of plans in mind for the future. We ought to give it the middle finger and be wiser.

Thank you very much again for your thoughts. Any other contributions would be more than appreciated.


My plaque is in almost the same spot as yours and I do have the burning sensation.  Have it right now as a matter of fact.  Hope you are doing alright, and that is a very positive and correct way at looking at the situation. I'm still having issues dealing with this disease day by day and not getting hopeless that I may have these issues for the rest of my life.
45 Yrs old, Peyronies Disease Onset 11/2019, Stabilized 6/2020.

Dent/Hourglassing distal and dorsal side, lost length and girth.

Underwent Plication with Dr. Brian Christine in Birmingham, AL on 6/17/2021. Fully recovered with no complications.


Hi there, thanks for your comment. I hope you are doing alright as well. I wonder how long you've been dealing with this and how you first realized you had something going on.

There are days that I barely notice or feel anything, whereas others I feel a a slight pinch, so to speak (come to think of it, these are days when it's cold outside or humid, as it happens when you have a scar somewhere else). My bend has not changed at all since I first discovered it some seven months ago. I don't care how it sounds, but I had a beautiful penis. I mean, I never had any issues (nor I do know, except for this) but looking at it now, with that slight bend makes me sad.

Still, it's not that it's useless - I still have erections and can enjoy pleasure. But I have this hopeful feeling that the node I have will go away eventually, once the critical period is over. As far as I'm concerned, it takes about 18 months.

Or else, maybe I'll have to live with it. When I first started reading about this (big mistake), I was shocked, scared, angry, sad. But I believe each case to be it's own world, you just can't compare yourself to other cases. My doc showed me pictures of cases he had, and I felt relieved. It's a horrible situation, regardless. And we are all going through this as best we can.

I was about to consult an hollistic doctor but then this pandemic hit and it's been put on hold. Again, I don't think about it too much;  just flow with it. I only wish for it to return to normal.

I'd love to hear about your case, since you said you are experiencing a similar situation.

All the best.



I have no idea what you are trying to say but to suggest stress has no bearing on Peyronies Disease or a thousand other diseases is just ignorance.  It will not cause Peyronies Disease but it most certainly can be a trigger and it can exacerbate Peyronies Disease in those with a predisposition. 

Your example of people dying at different ages just made no sense.
Prostatectomy 2004, radiation 2009, currently 70 yrs old
After pills, injections, VED - Dr Eid, Titan 22cm implant 8/7/18
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I feel that stress can most definitely can be a contributing factor.

Prolonged stress leads to hyper physiological levels of cortisol. This alters the effectiveness of cortisol to regulate both the inflammatory and immune response because it decreases tissue sensitivity to cortisol.  Inflammation then becomes a response to stress.

I can say for a fact that some of my past injuries undoubtedly flare up when I am stressed.

If you have Peyronie's and you are in the acute inflammatory stage, chronic or extreme stress and anxiety can most definitely alter and increase the inflammatory response, possibly exacerbating Peyronie's.

That is the problem.  You get into a vicious cycle.  You have or suspect Peyronie's which causes extreme stress and anxiety which exacerbates inflammation, which can make the Peyronie's pain worse, which causes more extreme stress and anxiety...and round and round it goes.


You are doing the right thing.  Getting additional opinions and tests is all you can do.  Just remember that Doctor's opinions are just that, opinions, educated opinions, but opinions.

The idea behind coconut oil for scars is that it helps stimulate cellular turnover and builds collagen for faster healing.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties when applied topically.

The same goes for Shea Butter and the topical use for scars. 

Inhibitory Activities of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Traditional African Remedies on Keloid Fibroblasts

The inhibitory action of these traditional remedies and omega-3 fatty acids on keloid fibrob-last growth were compared to that of triamcinolone acetonide (a corticosteroid most commonly used in the treatment of keloids). This study shows that omega-3 fatty acids inhibit fibroblast growth in vitro. These findings may lead to the development of an alternative treatment option in the management of keloid.!po=9.25926

I don't think topical Shea Butter or Coconut Oil will do much to dissolve scar tissue/plaques within the penis as the needed deep penetration is simply not there but if you have foreskin or superficial penile skin swelling/inflammation, it likely cannot hurt to apply it to try and bring the superficial swelling/inflammation of the foreskin or penile skin down.  Same idea as those who apply Voltaren, another anti-inflammatory topical—gel.  More for analgesic purposes in terms of inflammation, just like Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, which would just be a more 'natural' approach.