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Here I am again, guys. What a rollercoaster this is. I had an appointment with a very skilled urologist scheduled for the beginning of the next year. But someone called in and canceled which left me with a new time just next week! Along with this, my hard flaccid is completely gone and pain is nonexistent as long as I don't masturbate (it then comes back with a blast).
I have to line up some questions that I will ask the urologist! I'm gonna ask him to prescribe low-dose Cialis, but is there anything else I should ask him? It feels like even tho "he's professional" he won't know jack sh*t about Peyronie's. If everything goes according to plan he will send me to one of the best in the country in another city.
Wish me luck, people.
God bless
30 degree dorsal curve, immobility and heavy loss of girth.
My body seems to get very inflamed when I masturbate too often or eat unhealthy.
Using antioxidants, Pentox and hirudoid cream, as well as manual traction, heat and Cialis.