Priapism of about 6 hours in July 2014

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Hi there guys,

I hope you are all very well.
I have been very thoughtful today of where I was and where I ended up being today.

A venous leak check, just to justify softer erections, back in 2014, which was done with a doppler ultrasound with an injection being administered to me - left me with permanent damage to my penis, because of a 6 hour erection.

-The doctor that gave me the injection handed me a leaflet saying that if I have an erection of 4:30 hours I should go back to the hospital or call him, and otherwise I could do whatever I wanted even go back to my work. And so I did. I went to my work, which was not near the hospital and he knew that, and waited there without doing anything to bring it down for 4 hours. At 4 hours I tried ice as the leaflet was saying, ( in the toilets of work) which didn't help at all, and at about 6 hours - maybe a bit less, while I was already on my way to the hospital, in panic, it went down by itself.  

-I blame myself for not doing my research before, but sometimes I wonder how irresponsible is what he did?  How did he dare? Just leaving me to go away, without any instructions on how to bring it down, like physical exercise with going up & down stairs, running, cycling).

How did he agree, when I asked him, to let me go to an office and sit there just waiting for the erection to go down, with all that chemical poison in my penis?
He was aware of how possible priapism is to people that are first injected and how dangerous it is. I wasn't !

I have seen, (afterwards) instructions from other hospital/practices that describe in detail what can happen to you from priapism, and give you a list of various tips on how to bring your member down including physical exercise, pills etc...And most importantly they suggest to act using these tips within 2 hours to make it come down asap, not just wait for the 4-hour mark when the damage begins.

My leaflet/instructions was saying, "You have been given an androskat injection. If in 4 hours you still have an erection try to use icepacks to make your erection go down. If after half an hour you still have an erection call your urologist or visit the emergency department. Follow the rules to avoid problems ".

I followed their rules, but didn't avoid the problems!

My obvious symptoms the last 5 years include:
1. almost constant inflammation and pain even when flaccid.
2. A scar tissue, at about the point of the injection. This has developed into indentation with time and goes around the penis. However it has not become a plaque, it is still relatively soft but painful and not very elastic.
3. My erections without ED pills cannot even stand anymore. The irony is that I had the impression before I had the injection that I had softer erections than previously, (this was the reason I did the doppler test in the first place) and was feeling continuously insecure about it. Now I really know what is too have soft-non-existent erections that cannot even stand!

I have some questions for you if you can help me with:

1. Is there any test that can justify the damage caused to my penis?  Diagnostic ultrasound (without injections - as I am not having an injection ever again), only sees plaques and I don't have any plaque. I am at the beginning of a legal battle against the hospital and the doctor, but scientifically I don't have the evidence to prove my physical damage.
2. Has any of you been in a similar position before, in terms of legal battle for medical negligence. If yes, what is your advice and experience ?
3. Has any of you experienced priapism before. If yes, what is your personal experience, how long was the duration, what were the consequences /damages after if any?
4. Most scientific papers speak about permanent and irreversible damage after priapisms of 12 hours or even more. There very few papers explaining or talking about the consequences and damages of priapisms of smaller durations (4-7 hours). If you know of any that do that can you please forward a link or a title to me?

A recent study of 2018, that I read says:
"Histologically, as priapism continues, the corpus Cavernosum
undergoes progressive changes. In cases where priapism is of a
short duration (less than 12 hours), the tissue consists of minor
endothelial defects with occasional lymphocytic infiltration but the
smooth muscle cells remain intact. It is only after 12 to 14 hours
of ischaemic priapism that the trabecular smooth muscle cells
show the beginning of focal cytoplasmic transformation, with the
perinuclear cytoplasm, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, and
Golgi apparatus exhibiting an increase in size. "

Another says:
"Irreversible corporal damage occurs after 4 to 6 hours of ischemia [6].", but not more details of what changes or is damaged into your penis.

Other papers say:
"Priapisms of insignificant duration <7 hours" - meaning that any damage can be reversed.

Most websites say:
"Tissue damage can begin 4-6 hours after onset", They use words such as may or can begin after 4-6 hours, but they are not specific about it.

It is quite ambiguous scientifically! Even when I visited and asked in person different doctors after this event, most of them speak about irreversible damages mostly at about 12 hours - they don't speak with certainty about smaller duration - most of them speaking generally that prognosis is good for duration of lower than 12 hours.

What I know from my personal experience is that a 6 hour erection has caused me permanent damages from which i really suffer!

I am looking forward for your responses.
Thank you in advance and sorry for the long text.

Many regards,

30 years old, experienced penile scarring after an injection that caused a 6-6:30 hour erection while 25


I hope you can take this how I intended..
I read it and I don't feel like you have a good case to be honest, especially with your admissions of making some faults. They use the 4 hour warning with all of these erection drugs to be on the safe side.  
I'm no legal expert though... you basically would have to find a doc that can give you an assessment he would be ready to put his name on and then legal representation. And then you're into a long and costly fight against the doc, the hospital and the pharma industry.

The duration of a priapism and what damages it can create can be totally different depending on your situation. Cases are all over the place, heck, some end up with an enlarged functional penis..

I think you might be better served investing your time and energy to get the problem solved. Beating yourself up over it can only be phase 1. There are a lot of options to get better. I would for example apply a transdermal anti inflammatory solution to the site of the injection. You need to get the inflammation down and then possibly reduce the size and impact of any faulty tissues.
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Thank you for your response, I appreciate it!

I am doing the legal case and the efforts to improve my condition simultaneously. These are two different things.

From the legal case, I hope to make the hospital and the doctor to pay for their mistakes, negligence and carelessness, but also most importantly I want to change this policy of giving injections to patients for diagnostic reasons and then letting them go away. For people who are being injected first time this is extremely dangerous! Doctor's shall be more considerate of their patients!

Regarding the damage to my penis, I am being realistic that it is permanent. It is been 5.5 years now! The tissue has been scarred and it will never be the same again.

The inflammation is caused by the scar tissue. So even if I treat the inflammation, it will be back very soon, in days, as the tissue has become prone to inflammation.

Regarding your statement about some people's penises becoming better off after a priapism, I am sorry but this is impossible.At least for erections that lasted near or more than 4 hours. All literature suggests that some sort of damage  begins at around 4 hours, although they are not being specific about the damages.

If you know of people that have experienced priapism, it will be nice if you could bring me in contact with them. I am very interested to hear and discuss with people who have had a similar experience to mine.

Regarding what I do to improve my current condition, I am currently considering to take the LIST ultrasound therapy in December.I hope that some angiogenesis and revascularization will help the overall condition of my penis, however I am not expecting miracles.I know that the scarred areas of my penis are damaged and compromised for good!
30 years old, experienced penile scarring after an injection that caused a 6-6:30 hour erection while 25


I'm sorry this has happened to you.  I like that you're moving forward w any possible treatments while pursuing legal measures.  What is you're treatment strategy at this point?  Have you considered low dose nightly PDE5i (+ before sex). 50mg viagra or 5mg cialis over a one year period decreased Erectile Dysfunction for those w Erectile Dysfunction due to prostrate surgery and found helpful by many for remodeling any plaque (causing indentations for you).
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Ultrasound can help. Consider using several methods to go at it from multiple angles so to speak.
Ultrasound the theory is to break the plaques up. Using traction could be a good way to supplement.  
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I do not have any specific strategy at the moment. I tried vitamins at the beginning for months, no real change.
I feel myself stuck with pills for life as the natural erections have disappeared completely, event the night ones! I noticed the situation getting worse over the course of the 5 years in terms of the quality of the erection.

Also noticed that the pain is coming and going away at different periods. The pain is there even when flaccid, and I got the hard flaccid penis very often!
Only thing I might to do, is ultrasound to improve blood flow in the penis, if possible.


I do not really have plaques. I have done several diagnostic ultrasounds over the 5 years (without injections of course), and only once a doctor said that he could see something that looked like a scar. Most of them can hardly feel something even when they touch and examine my penis.

I can fill the scar myself because I know my body, but that scar is not really a plaque-not something hard. It is just an area of my penis where the penis feels a bit less elastic and that's the area where I have the penile pain and burning. However because that scar is at 1/3 from the base of the shaft it affects severely the erection - especially when the area is painful.

* I just wish there was a way for the tissue to self-heal itself and re-gain it's previous elasticity and overall health! I guess there is not!

30 years old, experienced penile scarring after an injection that caused a 6-6:30 hour erection while 25


No,.. :/ tissue mostly heals/patches up with harder tissue. There are several types of collagen and how it heals. Elastin % goes down in most cases.
The penis is just a crappy  place to heal anything(low blood supply for example).

My idea I have is to apply transdermals, though many think it's dangerous and unscientific.  

The idea is to introduce supplements to the place of the hardened tissue that soften and break the scar tissue down over time.
It worked for me, my plaques turned soft and thus don't impede the expansion of the penis. Basically if you would bath healthy and faulty tissue in ascorbic acid(vit c) the healthy tissue can deal with the ascorbic acid much better than calcified
tissue which then "dissolves". That's also a reason why calcium(calcification) blockers like verapamil are used with peyronies disease.

The ultrasound could open these tissue up too but on it alone it might not be enough.
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As far as getting you in contact with others that experienced priapism goes, just start a topic in a highly visible board like "General Comment" etc and make the title "Please Respond if You Ever Had Priapism"

I agree that the Dr. was very negligent and should have to pay.  It is not a patient's job to have to know how serious this is and 4 yours is not the time to START worrying or applying home remedies.

I notice you are in the UK.  It may be different there but in the US it costs nothing to sue.  If an attorney takes your case he is paid 1/3 of your settlement if you win and nothing if you lose.

Normally you would be beyond the statute of limitations after 51/2 years however in the US>

Good luck with your case and with correcting your issues.
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Quote from: KC2 on October 27, 2019, 03:30:20 PMespecially when the area is painful

This suggests inflammation is still playing a very active role in your condition.

The difference with you vs others on the site is that the method of injury is very different. Tissue death through oxygen deprivation is very different to a trauma induced injury healing wrong. But they both end up with a patch of scar tissue so I guess methods for healing might be similar. I would be cautious with something like traction though...
This is an emotionally destructive condition, we all have it, let's be nice to each other.

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try a penile MRI i had 3 so far ,my US also didn"t so anything
also try reishi mushroom powder it may help you  
alc ,vitamin e, propolis,pde5,NAC,nsaids,olive oil massage,nsaids,aspirin,essential oils cockteils,keto,IF,green tea,coffee


Be cautious w traction, it's helpful but back off if discomfort or painful.
PxD 2 yrs 9/16.  Failed all treatment. 9/11/18: excision, grafting & implant Dr Karpman MtnView Ca, AMS CX 18cm + 3-1cm RTEs.
Pump failed.  2/11/20 Dr Karpman installed Titan 22cm +1cm RTE.


"I notice you are in the UK.  It may be different there but in the US it costs nothing to sue.  If an attorney takes your case he is paid 1/3 of your settlement if you win and nothing if you lose."

I know this thread is a year old, but I would caution relying on advice that if an attorney in the States takes your case " he is paid 1/3 of your settlement if you win and nothing if you lose." That may be true of the Plaintiff's lawyer's fees, but if a Plaintiff brings a case and loses, the Defendant gets a defense costs Judgment against the Plaintiff automatically, as a matter of law. That means if you sue and lose, you could owe the other side money yourself for their costs (not attorney fees, but court filing fees, deposition costs, etc) and I've seen costs judgments awarded against losing Plaintiffs as high as $70,000 before in the kind of contingency fee cases described. Better keep that risk in mind in suing anyone without having a strong case. Just coming from a lawyer.  

Bud luck

KC2, Something very similar happened to me. I got a Trimix injection at the "Doctor" office, I got really hard, and the Doctor let me go with a hard on. They told me to take Sudafed if I was still hard for 4 hours!!!!!. Well, after being hardfor 3 hours with excrutiating pain, I called the Doctor and told him that I couldn't wait more time, that my pain was extreme. He told me to inject the antidote ( don't remember the compound name) injection to put my erection down, so I injected on the opposite side of the first injection, my erection went down. Two days later I injected Trimix to have sex and then is when I saw my bent on the same site of the first Trimix injection. Now 14 months later, I still have that little dent but with a hinge when I'm semi-erect. I'm depply depressed, there is no day that I'm not regreting going to that clinic, and the sad part, is that the owner and the "Doctor" were really nasty about it, they said that I don't have anything and to stop bothering them. I wish one day the will pay for it
My first symptoms started early in 2019
I tried Traction device, Pentofixiline, Q10, TRT, L-Argenine, cialis
I have narrowing/dent/hinge on the left side of my shaft
My ED is getting worse
Had a PRP shot Aug 2021
I have a girlfriend
Age 46