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I recently received the RestoreX and was hoping I could get some other peoples insight. I have a average penis size 5.5 flaccid and am able to fit into the device (barely) on the second setting (recommended for where my bend is). I have observed two problems:

1) the clamp is extremely painful, below my glands (head) it pushes against my plaque and is unbearable. I have been successful at clamping it at my glad and above. Both of these leave the tip of my penis hurting for hours afterwards. I have tried all kinds of gauze and wraps to try and prevent this. Does anyone have a method that does not make this device cause irritation to your urethra/tip of penis?

2) my bend is about midway up the shaft, where the RestoreX bends is no where near my curve. Will just strait traction help? The only area I get from the RestoreX's bend function is about the last inch of my penis near the gland.

This device seems to have been made for people above average. I could see this device being much easier to use at 6.5 or 7 inches but for me this device has been a real hassle and extremely painful.
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I had pain as well and re-read the instructions. If you've haven't tried this yet, you can adjust the clamp by removing the 2 screws and opening it up a bit. Helped me a lot.
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I have the same question and problem. I am also on the second position and the bend is also no where near where my curve is. Also, I find it very uncomfortable, bordering on painful, to try to get to the second or third bending position. If it's very tight, it's painful, if it's not that tight, it often slips out of the clamp.

Can anyone with more experience chime in?

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Johnd1201 yeah I have increased the clamp and that helped a little but it's still very painful anywhere on the shaft.

Bliz it confuses me to no end. I managed to get to the second position once but I was not capable to activating the spring because it hurt so bad. I don't know if it gets easier with time but starting out this is almost impossible.... The device is multiple inches long before it gets to the part that bends, I don't understand how anyone with their issue in the first three or four inches could be helped.
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Hey guys! i am almost falling asleep and i will try to write a proper answer later, but have you searched the forum for the several threads there are on restorex? there are some pretty good tips and tricks, even photos on the penis being stretched...

Give it a go, and if you can't find it i will try to help out. User was "thinkpositive"

PS: i have a restorex too!


Email Dr Triost, he's quite helpful w making the restorex work w individuals!
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