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Author Topic: 23yr old male with Peyronie's  (Read 4558 times)

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23yr old male with Peyronie's
« on: June 11, 2010, 01:54:09 PM »

Hello everyone,

This is my first real post here...

Age - 23

Age at onset - 23

I am medical student, and have just recently (4-6 months) noticed a drastic change in my erections, including a reduction in length and girth. For all of my life, I have had a congenital curvature to the left, however it was mild (10 degrees off midline, at best) and never interfered with intercourse. Additionally, I was considered by most partners to be very large and somewhat uncomfortable to have intercourse with. Well, I fear those days are over, for now. I came home from the bar this past February 2010, and myself and the girl I was with were pretty inebriated. It was about 5am in the morning, and we were attempting to have sex, but from the massive amounts of alcohol I consumed, it was very hard to achieve a full strong erection. So essentially, we continued to have sex for about 45minutes with a less than stellar erection. I thought nothing of it, until the next day,

First Symptoms - I woke up extremely sore on the side of the congenital curvature. It took about 3-4 days to feel back to normal, but after that I got very busy with school and didn't really engage in any activities for about 3 weeks. That is when I noticed a slight slight change in erection curvature. It curves much more drastically to the left, and now slightly upwards (approx 10 degrees) as well. There appears to be a stricture right below the head of the penis, which causes an hour glass shape around the bend.

Clearly, there was trauma preceding the onset of symptoms.

Where I am at now. I have an appointment with a Urologist next Thursday. I will report back with his findings and any dx he makes, but based on the literature, I can be about 90% certain it is Peyronie's due to trauma. A medical education does not even begin to touch on something like Peyronie's, certainly I find the anecdotal experiences posted on this board to be far superior to anything in the current literature. It seems this is a disease that warrants much more attention, as it can and has had a severe impact on quality of life for me. The curvature itself is not even that bad, it's progressed to maybe 20 degrees from midline, however its the reduction in size and girth that is more troubling to my psyche. Any help that you guys may be able to offer me in the way of treatments that have been most successful would be appreciated. I am following Xiaflex very closely, and I would seek out the phase III trials, however, I do not think it's worth having a 50% chance of being in the placebo group, and having saline injections into your penis. I'd be much happier waiting a year for them to bring the drug to market, or perhaps discussing an "off the label" use with a Urologist, than being a part of a study that could make symptoms worse by inducing additional trauma.
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