Letter To Dr. Atala (Tissue Engineering)

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Quote from: suicidecomingsoon on October 02, 2017, 02:59:12 PM
Will Atala ever do something?

That's a good question.

Also I want to ask again:
QuoteHow about new collective letter from Peyronies Disease society to Dr.Atala with all of our questions? For example: questions about engineered penile tissue, human trials timelines and FDA approvals timelines, etc.


Not sure where to post this. And this is big news. Haven't been on here in a while.

I contacted Wake Forest recently and this us what Mary said:

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your interest in our research at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine.  We are excited that after many years of research in our lab, and after rigorous review by FDA,  we will begin enrolling into 2 clinical trials later this year – one for bioengineered urethra for males with urethra stricture, and for bioengineered corpora for males with a defect to corporal tissue (like Peyronie's).  These are both safety trials, and we hope once completed we will be able to advance our research in both areas, and one day be able to combine both technologies in the same surgery.  Feel free to reach out to us  in the future for updates.  Both studies are not expected to be completed for 5 years.

Mary-Clare Day, RN, BSN, CCRC
Research Nurse Manager

Wake Forest University School of Medicine

WF Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Medical Center Boulevard  \  Winston-Salem, NC 27157
p 336.713.1343  \  f 336.713.7290
mday@wakehealth.edu  \  https://www.wakehealth.edu


It's good news... but honestly speaking... thos of us who need a solution now... can't wait a decade of our lives for it to make it.
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A decade? Damn... that is just for the trials to be concluded... Most likely 15/20 years if not more. Anybody holding their breath waiting on this to cure their issue will die of old age.

I hope people understand that there are other therapies out there that already yield excellent results.


What yields excellent results? For some people. Mostly not. And maybe I will keep my correspondence to myself now instead of sharing it with ungrateful people. If I join those clinical trials maybe I keep my results to myself. Pfract, always a turd in the punch bowl. This is why I left this forum.


Sorry, what I meant to say was, I feel the appropriate response to me putting in the effort to contact Wake Forest and getting positive news about a long-standing study that everyone on this forum has been following for years is a simple "thank you." I tried to share some hope for this largely hopeless disease. I did not expect the pfracts of the world to take a dump on me. It makes me not want to share anything. And I honestly feel that if I joined these trials and they gave me a brand new healthy dick, I would really have to seriously consider whether I would bother to share that here. This is not the 1st time this has happened. This forum is very discouraging. Haven't been on here in 2 years. Not coming back for at least that. Any further news I get from Wake Forest when I check back in 6 months about joining the trial (as she asked me to do) will not be shared here.


It's sad that this is your reaction to a simple post I made with my thoughts on the matter. This thread is twelve years old. Twelve. And only now we are reaching the point your post talks about. Anybody reasonable will understand that some things are nearly unattainable within a time frame, barring a miracle.

Your post shows how delusional you are by saying ''gives me a brand new dick''.  As for therapies there are, do you even read the boards or about this condition at all?



I think Pfract was rather harsh, calling you "delusional."  That remark was completely unnecessary and accomplices little in the way of goodwill.  Allow me to attempt to make the point in a productive manner.

Stating facts should not offend you. Your effort to contact Wake Forrest and your update are both commendable and much appreciated. However, it is important that we inform readers about the facts. Mary's email makes it clear these are only safety trials. She further clarified that "we hope once completed, we will be able to advance our research in both areas, and one day be able to combine both technologies."

This means that further trials on the efficacy of these procedures are not even scheduled for trial or evaluation. So while we all "hope" there will be a positive outcome if efficacy trials ever take place, that would only become a solution for men diagnosed decades from now IF it comes to trial AND IF it produces a great outcome.

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