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Author Topic: The future?  (Read 238 times)

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The future?
« on: July 05, 2019, 07:49:30 AM »

Sorry guys for repeating myself here and sorry for the grimness and negativity. I just don't see it as negative though. I see it as realistic. I think a lot of you guys are deluded into thinking you can beat this. The only ones I see with major improvement are people that had an injury and are young. I read account after account of people having improvements only to end up with surgery in the end.

I think there are 2 types of peyronie's. Guys that get injuries. They can heal. The others are screwed. For them it is like diabetes and will never stop until it rots off their dicks.

I am mentally really in a jam. I know what the future is and I need to know what to do to move forward. I did nothing for the first year. Because I was seriously misinformed about this disease. I did nothing and in that time, the plaque grew and calcified. I have only been fighting this in earnest for about a month now.

1. I can't take Pentox. And Pentox is my only hope of softening my calcified plaque. That and maybe shockwave. But shockwave is mostly b.s.

2. I know that no matter what I do, once a plaque is calcified you are wasting your time with traction and everything else, especially considering I can't take Pentox.

3. I know that it is a fact that if you have plication or grafting surgery, peyronie's can come back, that the curve can return. And in my case, not one single good thing has ever happened to me, so I know that will be my case.

4. I know xiaflex will be a waste of time and will be physically painful and horrifying mentally. Once a plaque is calcified, Xiaflex is usually useless.

I don't have much erectile dysfunction at the moment so I am not really a candidate for an implant.

So what the hell do I do? My plan is just to fight this for about a year. But I know how it ends, so I don't want to fight. I know it will get worse and the plaque will just continue to grow and spread. It has and is so why wouldn't that just continue?

I can't cope with not knowing what direction this is going. Most people have discreet phases of active and stable and aren't as freaked out as me.

I don't want to bother with all this horrible crap for the next few years. I would rather get it all over with and have a fake dick and lost length and just cope with that and have it be over. I don't want this nightmare to continue.

People like Neo and a few others say to keep fighting, etc. But why? I know how to read. I have read all the important studies and I have read a ton on this board and I know it all ends with an implant for most people. Why go through all the rest?


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Re: The future?
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2019, 08:22:55 AM »

For what it’s worth, my symptoms are caused by an injury as well. I injured myself with jelqing, ved and clamping at the age of 17. Fast forward to 2019 I’m now almost 25 and still see the condition get worse. I can’t answer your other questions, but wanted to say that guys that get this from injury can still be in this mess for the long run, so I’m not sure there’s much differnce from someone who gets peyronies spontaneausly.

Personally I kinda hope there will be a better treatment option in a couple of years and try to keep my calm in the time it takes to develop such a treatment. I hope it will be worth it, but at least it can be a motivation when none of tue current treatments work for you.
Age: 25
Date of onset: 17
Symptoms: sharp pains, numbness, change in shape/size, hourglassing and discolaration from jelqing/VED usage as a teen. Diagnosed with a venous leak and possible scarring.
Treatments tried: cialis, pentox and VED didnt help
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