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Author Topic: the "self-repairing inflatable toy" model  (Read 2036 times)

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the "self-repairing inflatable toy" model
« on: July 01, 2019, 11:02:44 AM »

My Peyronies stems, I believe, from a few episodes with a gal who enjoyed doggie and was a bit too "ruff". I mistakenly tolerated this, not realizing the danger one faces, and developed Peyronies.

As this has progressed over the last couple years, I can't help but picture the problem as an inflatable toy that heals itself... but does so in the non-inflated position, leading to distortions and constrictions and pain and further stresses and injuries in the inflated condition. Using this model leads to the following thoughts on best treatment:

1) treat it right away, before "healing" has started to cause problems.
2) use a VED or traction to gently release (ok, gently tear) tissue formed while non-inflated.
3) use the right size tube on the VED to remind the toy what shape it was.
4) take pentox as that has been shown to reduce plaques.
5) use Erectile Dysfunction drugs (Cialis or Viagra or whatever) before going to sleep so the toy can heal while inflated rather than "healing" while crumpled and packed into clothing.
6) if/when sex happens, probably use some anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen afterwards to help reduce damaging inflammation. And maybe focus on playing rather than thrusting?

I will try to use more of these and tend to vacillate between hope and, well, non-hope.... but think these would have been very effective for me at an earlier time and will still help prevent progression.

Good luck to you all.

Note that topic Healing while small -- a theory of acute peyronie's cause - Peyronies Society Forums has a similar model.


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Re: the "self-repairing inflatable toy" model
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2019, 11:19:01 AM »

Hydro, 100% agree and I have explained it in my videos exactly like this.

Open up the "crumpled" areas so they can heal open and breath. This is basically opening up the hematoma and allowing blood and oxygen into the damaged areas of the penis. It also allows the inflammation to leave those areas.


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Re: the "self-repairing inflatable toy" model
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2019, 08:32:40 PM »

great post.  I didn't think about the 'crumpled package'.  I will take V before bed from now on.
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