Xiaflex & Restorex

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I just had my 3rd series of Xiaflex injections.  I also got a Restorex device and am using it.  I just did not think the modeling recommended with Xiaflex was aggressive enough.  I was surprised my Dr had not heard about Restorex but he did write a prescription for me (insurance claim) and seems open to learning about the treatment even mentioning if it does he might have other patients use it.   
Age 65.  Peyronies started 2017.  No specific injury.  90 degree upward bend.  4 rounds of Xiaflex & Restorex. Cauterization and grafting on 12/9/19 - resulting Erectile Dysfunction.  Had implant 11/17/20 - Coloplast Titan 18 cm with 2cm RTE on right and 1.5cm on left