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I've posted on here before but didn't realize I posted in the wrong thread so here it goes again. I'm Luis from Los Angeles CA, 26 Latino/Hispanic. I'm extremely active, work out almost every single day, usually take 2 omega fish oil supplements and 1 multivitamin pill. No recent trauma, no other health issues besides anxiety and asthma but nothing major. This all began 2 Sunday's ago when I woke up with my usual morning wood but this time I had an ache on the right hand side of my glans. Didn't think much of it so I went back to sleep but the pain kind of persisted so began to get worried, searched up online possible causes which were narrowed down so maybe 6 things such as:
And a few other things but not one of those checks out because I don't suffer from any other symptoms those issues present  except for probably peyronies and I say probably because the only symptom I present is dull pain on my penis when flaccid and somewhat erect (not so much erect) that pain is hard to locate by touch or is almost non-existent. The pain kind of radiates from my penis to sometimes my groin area in general. This has been going on for about 9–10 days and I've been on this page day and night trying to find someone that had the same situation as me but no one has, everyone else noticed a curve before, strange bumps, indentions, or remember when they got hurt but i don't, my penis looks exactly the same nothing has change but that damn pain. I stopped masturbating and bought L-arginine, L- carnitine, and vitamin E. I know I should visit a specialist but I'm currently not insured, even if I was the deductible is in the 2k-3k and to make matters worse I'm currently not employed. I've called around and just for a consultation it's about 200 not including equipment they would have to use. This whole thing is stressing me the f out. I don't know what to do. As far as visiting a doctor the only option is driving to Mexico and seeing one there. So my question you guys is: did any of you start with just a dull pain and nothing else, no curve, lumps, or indentations? Could I be in acute phase? Am I taking the right measures to somewhat prevent it by taking those supplements? The only thing that I could think of causing harm down there was me doing barbell hip thrust the day before this all started but even then I was flaccid and the penis is hard to damage if flaccid.


Hi Lmoran

First, I must say that you have to see a doctor.
If you have Peyronies, the chance is very low that it will gone by itself.
Regarding no recent trauma. Many forum members got Peyronies without having a trauma.
It may be an accumulation of micro-traumas for sex and masturbation.
As you say you can't afford a doctor right now, I am proposing you to read as much as you can on the forum.
Also L-Arginine and L- Carnitine is a good start. Vitamin E will not help, but will not cause harm also.
Try to see a GP (general practitioner) and try convince him to prescribe you Pentox. Pentox helped many with the pain.

Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe Erectile Dysfunction.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum


Well... there are some speccialists you can see in California. Depends how much you want to spend. IT maybe something else other than peyronies?