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Author Topic: Long&Honest post- 23 Year Old - Symptoms for 2 months - Determined to prevent Peyronies Disease  (Read 693 times)

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Peter G

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Hello fellow warriors,

My name is Peter and I am 23 years of age. I have first noticed something wrong with my penis around 2 months ago when I could not maintain a strong erection during normal masturbation. I have also noticed some very minor bending / indentation on the same side and more pronounced vascularity than before. I have always had a slight curve to the left so initially I was not worried. During another attempt at masturbation, I experienced a shooting sharp pain for the first time ever, in the left side of my penis with no popping sound or any other indication of injury. For some reason I instantly thought my normal life was over and I panicked. My condition has since progressed. Several weeks on I started noticing that my morning erections were much weaker than usual, coupled with significant bending to the left in the semi-erect state as well as constant pain. One day at work, I went to pee and felt like I was having an erection. When I checked to see what was happening, to my horror...there was a really big swelling on the left side that was preventing blood flow from expanding to parts of the penis beyond. Since then, the swelling would come and go, sometimes expanding width-wise, making my penis look abornmally thick. I decided to see a private urologist as I could not wait 8-12 weeks through the NHS because of my anxiety. The urologist charged nearly £200 pounds for the initial consultation. After performing a physical examination, he said I had no scarring and my penis looks normal in the flaccid state. He said that I "MAY" have Peyronies according to my symptoms but this is uncommon at my age. He also said he was reluctant to diagnose me because of my depression. He said he has a hunch that this will all settle in the coming weeks and months. This whole experience has not helped, I felt like I wasted money and felt more stressed. I now have severe anxiety and depression since, worrying that I will not be able to have sex or live a normal life again. I have cried in desperation for weeks and have obsessed over suicide but now I feel more positive and want to do all I can to prevent this from getting worse. Sadly, I have come to accept that this might be a mild form of Peyronies and have to be proactive in my self-care. To be brutally honest I think I have done this to myself through micro-trauma over time, because many times I have been too rough and agressive when masturbating, not giving enough time for my penis to be fully erect at times. If only I'd have known about Peyronies, I would have been more careful. This was never thought during sexual education in school, but I strongly believe it should be !!!

Current symptoms 2 months on - Flaccid curvature and minor indentations that comes and goes, varying between 10-30 degrees to the left / Semi-erect curvature which is worse and is always there / Curve almost non existent when fully erect (with some mild indentation), Mild to no pain at all, More soreness and some mild pain on the tip of penis after ejaculation.

What I'm doing about it - Seeing my doctor in 2 days for results of blood and urine tests and to request another urologist referall / Ordered COQ10, L-Carnitine and L-Arginine supplements / Doing very gentle manual traction as per Neoman's youtube video guidance / Quitting porn for life and doing NoFap challenge / Researching and implementing a ketogenic diet as per Neoman's advice.

Special thank you to Neoman for all that he does through his youtube channel. If you are around my age especially, please connect with me so we can support each other through this. Any other advice/support is much appreciated. Thank you for reading


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Hello fellow warrior,

I am 22 years old and have had peyronies for 3 months so I feel compelled to reply to you (sorry for not saying my name, im nervous for some stupid reason).

I got mine from a stupid night of 'Edging' (masturbating but not ejaculating). I felt a sore pain but it was not agony so I left it. Two weeks later I see a lean to the right. My mind just exploded, had to go on propranolol to stop anxiety for a few days. GP's were not much use but suspected it was peyronies, I FINALLY saw the urologist early this month and he diagnosed me.

I have a 20 degree lean to the right when erect just under my glands. You can kinda see it when flaccid. I too get a soreness on the tip of my penis after ejaculation. However I get very little pain in general.

So far I have been eating a lot of anti-oxidant foods and was intermittent fasting for awhile but I do not feel I have been consistent with it. Would totally support nofap as I feel my condition gets worse every time I have masturbated (trying to avoid it as much as possible now). But even still there is a clear gradual progression over the last three months. I have started to take L-Arginine now to try and halt it and plan on getting a VED. Considering adding L-Carnitine as well. I would try a ketogenic diet but I live with my family and it is hard to fit it in. Often I just accept the condition and move on, but sometimes I get stuck in my head and fall into despair.   

How have been your results? As you are not having problems when you are erect that is great, It really is such a stressful disease.

Also I feel the NHS is really lacking on this area.   
2 Corinthians 12 : 7-10

I cannot change the past, but I can change the future, and in doing so, change the ultimate meaning of the past.

Cowboy James

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You have my sympathies for the situation you are in. I also masturbated roughly when I was younger, and I think this was a contributing factor or a cause for me. It would be great if there were some kind of warning about this. It is a hard thing to accept that your own actions have damaged yourself. I don’t think you made a mistake paying to see a urologist. It’s usual in such a situation to be anxious. Seems reasonable to me. I found vitamin E great for pain. I am not sure about the not masturbating. My urologist told me to continue doing it gently. I appreciate that doctors have varied opinions on this. Not masturbating will not be good for your depression. Maybe if you have trouble with erections, you could get a low dose of Viagra or something. I definitely think you are on the right lines with being proactive with self-care.


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Hi guys, please be sure to read the survival guide: Peyronies Survival Guide - Information for New Members - Peyronies Society Forums
There is no evidence for nofap treating peyronies, perhaps Erectile Dysfunction.  Unless of course you’re very rough, circumcised without lube, causing pain or not erect when using your penis.  Ask the specialist for an ultrasound to best diagnose peyronies.  Great early treatments are pentox, low dose nightly PDE5i and traction or VED.
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Pump failed.  2/11/20 Dr Karpman installed Titan 22cm +1cm RTE.


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I think maybe your stress, fear and worry could be causing some of your problems with erections. A lot of us have had some minor penis issues in our young, crazy years. I hope that your symptoms go away and you return to a normal way of penis life. Hopefully you will keep us up to date.  Hey, you will have lots of sex in your life. Stop worrying about that!
JCH - 49 years old dealing with Peyronies for the last year


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I do not minimize the challenges or concerns, but I wish I could see men, and young men specifically saying, I am panicked about maybe ending up with an implant and having to have revisions and not having my normal spontaneous erections and a penis with a mind of its own that gets erect or flaccid when it wants to rather than on demand.

Instead I see posts that I am panicked that my life is over and I will never have normal sex or get married.  It is almost a certainty that is just not the reality that a anyone is facing.
Prostatectomy 2004, radiation 2009, currently 68 yrs old
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