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HW Prince

 I'm 50 and I've been using the RestoreX for 1.5 months now. It was held in Japanese customs for about a month due to my friend who forwarded it labeling it as a "medical device". A lot of laughs from customs when I had to repeatedly say what is was.

I advise to send it in pieces without the box, labeled as "guitar parts" or something if you are thinking of getting it shipped to a strict country.

It was a nightmare to get it cleared. Only about $30 in import taxes though.
It took me a while to get used to using it without slipping and pain from the skin stretching. I'm definitely longer flacid now. Almost maxed out in the straight traction mode, about 50% bent.

My GF says it's slightly better. I have noticed the hourglassing has spread a little since I began.

I wish I could get the injections but they're not approved in Japan, and my urologist, who I was told was one of the best guys in Tokyo has never heard of them ( maybe it's protocol to say that).

He was very eager to do the surgery after 1 year from my initial diagnosis. I guess he's pressured by the hospital to perform a certain amount per month. A doctor friend told me this and strongly advised against the surgery.

As for the injections, I would have to fly to the US 6x at $3000 each time for the shots alone. I have no US insurance. So , not really a possibility unless I move to the States.

I'll keep you all posted if interested on my progress without the injections.


Hw Prince:

Thank you so much for coming here and sharing your experience with us. Sad that they laughed about it, but at least you have the device in your hands now.

You mention difficulties starting up... did you follow the manual by the book? did you took measurements, for your curve... etc? How did you find the initial time you streched it out? It's supposed to be a very short time the first one no?

As for holding back on the surgery, i agree. There is a very good chnace that if you are seeing improvement you may be able to get even better gains from it and who knows... avoid it all together.

I encourage you to stay here. There are already some members using the device as well, and i would love that a small community of it's users would form here. It would mean more awareness and people could compare their results and encourage others in the long run. Not to mention there would be more data on the efficacy of the device along the official studies.

Bubba dawg

Maybe you could find a family to stay with while being treated in the USA? Put an ad somewhere here. Lots of Japanese Americans. Many doctors get the treatment done in 4 rounds. 4 to 5 months depending on the Doctor. . Ya the cost was $3000 per round + doctor injection cost. Still a lot less than many new autos. Good luck with the Traction
5 Rounds of Xiaflex. Good results.

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