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I have read like literally everything on here. And I come to the conclusion that the only option is to do nothing or die. Because a large majority of people here just go back to the active phase. Why do all the traction, supplements and everything else if it just receives and gets worse and does unpredictable crap. The best thing it would seem is to take enough heroin so I don't care.
45 y.o. Single. Onset of symptoms (pain-stinging like a wasp) @ 6/2018. No sudden injury. Curve developed slowly. 40 deg. dorsal. Hourglassing. Torsion to left flaccid. 4 rounds xiaflex. Restorex, DMSO+, heat, arginine, cialis, lipoic acid, vit. K2

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The best thing you can do is get off the internet and go get treatment of some kind. There are a lot more successes than there are failures. This is the reason I did not read the internet when I got Peyrones. I went to a Urologist and got treatment first. Many successes have moved on. I don't mean success as in perfection either. One step at a time. You really have no other choice. Very selfish act to commit suicide. Leave loved ones behind to grieve. Time to suck it up and do what you have to do to get better. Worry about the future is going no where
5 Rounds of Xiaflex. Good results.

I am known to give out false information and post nonsense with little to no evidence to back up my claims.
I have ignored several warnings. Further reports to the moderators or Administrators and I will be banned.


You're still very new samsung. It took me a few years to really get through it. You need to take all actions you can and AVOID drugs, even alcohol at first. I mean literally eat 100% clean and do everything in your power to stop the disease. You can get improvement and then have an amazing sex life.