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I have not felt like coming back to the forum but I thought I'll come and let you all know of some improvements I've had lately and what I think caused these improvements. You can read my older posts to see what symptoms I have got but to keep it as brief as possible after I had an accident with my penis I've had tingling sensations, hard flaccid, pain in my prostate, testicles, lower back and pubic area. I've also had sharp bends (40 degrees plus) in a semi erect state which became worse whilst laying on my back or after ejacualtion and around a 10 degrees bend whilst fully erect with a slight twist. I also had a cord like band right around the bottom half of my penis, a small lump at the top left and 3 veins running right along my penis from bottom to head. I slightly lost sensation and my penis head was not filling up with blood.

I've been taking Ginger tablets, COQ10, acetyl-l carnitine and l-arginine. I noticed slight improvements after taking these supplements and it made it slightly easier to get an erection.

I am a Muslim and as some of you might know the month of Ramadan has just ended. In this month Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. In the UK that would roughly be from 02:30-21:30. In this time we can't eat, drink, smoke etc nothing can go down my throat except saliva during these hours. Out of the 30 days I fasted 25. The improvements have been amazing!!! I am not exaggerating at all, you all need to try fasting. I get random erections, I can get erect pretty easily, my erections are solid unlike the weak 80% erections like before, my penis only bends 10-20 degrees whilst semi erect after an erection now which is a massive improvement! I have regained full sensation. My penis only bends 3-4 degrees whilst erect now which is not even noticeable unless I pointed it out. I have not had any pains in my testicles or prostate area. I sometimes do get tingling sensations in my penis but these tingles feel different, I don't know why and I might be wrong but they feel like healing tingles if that makes sense. The most important thing though is I can maintain an erection, my penis is looking a lot better and my penis head is now filling with blood!

Try fasting for 19 hours a day for atleast 20 days and I can guarantee you will notice some improvement whether it will be big or small. If anybody has any advice for me or anybody in a similar situation then do let me know.


Sorry for the late reply I haven't been on this forum since my post. I've been to a urologist who just dismissed it as "minor penis trauma" and not peyronies. I've got a ring like structure going around my penis, I've also got "ribs" on the left hand side which are noticeable whilst erect in certain lighting. Do you think this is scar tissue or veins? I've had an ultrasound which came back normal (I don't believe it) I said to the urologist I'm sure it is peyronies to which his reply was "I've seen over a thousand peyronies penises and I don't believe you've got peyronies" he also tried to make out that it's psychological which it isn't as a penis can't psychologically bend. My issue is quite weird, when I initially wrote up this post I was in a great state of mind because of all the improvements but then I again start getting weak erections and this has lasted 5-6 days, but since yesterday they've started to get stronger again. It's like my penis goes through phases. Two weeks of strong erections and then a week of weak erections. After the injury it was initially one week of weak erections followed by a week of strong erections, so there's been an improvement in that sense. What made me optimistic is that in this last phase I had strong erections for over three weeks. I then relapsed into the weak erection phase for 5-6 days but I seem to be coming out of that phase now. I'm going to see how long this strong erection phase will last. Is this my penis slowly healing or is this peyronies? It's been over 6 months since injury and my penis hardly bends whilst erect infact the stronger the erection the straighter my penis. It's only during 80% erection or after an erection I notice a bend. Still though, my penis is a lot more "puffy" and full since after the injury and my penis head becomes hard with blood which i can't remember happening 5-6 weeks ago. Oh I've also got a indent on my urethra, the penis used to bend down very unnaturally at the indent point previously (whilst flaccid or semi-erect) it was as if it was broken or weak at that point. It still bends down slightly at the point (only whilst flaccid) but it doesn't seem to be as weak and the bend is no longer a sharp angle like it used to be. I believe this could also be effecting blood flow.


I would see if you can get a second opinion. To be honest a lot of the main wound healing finishes within a few months. The pain imo could be from scar tissue or from damaged nerves. An ultrasound should be able to see plaques and stuff.

But the end stage of Peyronies Disease is usually when the scar tissue has calcified. So maybe you have some scarring, which, I bet a lot of men have. But, not, all men develop Peyronies Disease. I'd say just leave it be until you get a second opinion. If you're having nocturnal erections or like half chubs in your sleep it means blood can and will flow down there. The ultrasound can also see if you have any issues with erections too.

I've seen some men on this forum get normal readings with ultrasounds too but have symptoms that line up with Peyronies Disease. But I wonder how many of these urologists can read them properly.
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