''Penile Length Maintenance Post-Prostatectomy'' - restorex study on going

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Detailed Description:

The treatment of prostate cancer results in several known sexual dysfunctions, including erectile dysfunction, orgasmic dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction, penile curvature (Peyronie's disease), and reduced penile length. Among the dysfunctions, loss of penile length is often one that results in significant distress and bother to patients. Beyond the esthetic concerns, reduced penile length may lead to inability to participate in sexual intercourse, difficulty with future interventions to restore erectile function, and lead to worsened urinary hygiene.

Penile traction therapy (PTT) is currently the best available treatment to maintain or restore lost penile length due to conditions that reduce length. To date, no studies have evaluated the benefits of using PTT in this clinical setting. The objective of the current study is to evaluate the efficacy of a novel penile traction device (RestoreX®), created and funded through Mayo Ventures, in maintaining or restoring reduced penile length.

To accomplish the study, a population of men from Mayo Clinic who have undergone a prostatectomy will be enrolled and randomized to utilize the device for varying amounts of time. Outcomes will be assessed at 6 and 9 months post-prostatectomy and results are to be used with the intent to publish in a scientific journal.

This is amazing to know. Prostate cancer has a huge effect on penile size and subsequent shrinkage and having proper data on this could be very good.  It also shows more people using it if we count the other studies.
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The is interesting pfract. I also think(and have read) that BPH has an affect too. I have BPH. My Prostate also inflames regularly  to a larger than my BPH. Creating a hard flaccid  and erection problems. Turtling. I believe worse bending . The Prostate and Penis are related in many ways. I think when one is not healthy it  can effect the other. This is what I am experiencing and it is driving me crazy. Both are not healthy!
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