New study on restorex efficacy on treating peyronies disease!!!! 27/March 2019

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QuoteOutcomes Of A Novel Penile Traction Device (Restorex) In Men With Peyronie's Disease: A Randomized, Single-Blinded, Controlled Trial.
Ziegelmann M1, Savage J1, Toussi A1, Alom M1, Yang D1, Kohler T1, Trost L1.
Author information

Current penile traction therapy (PTT) devices have significant limitations, including a need to utilize 3-8 hours/day. Given these issues, a novel PTT device (RestoreX) was developed in cooperation with Mayo Clinic.

A randomized, controlled, single-blinded, intent-to-treat trial (NCT03389854) was conducted with Peyronie's Disease (Peyronies Disease) men assigned to RestoreX 30-90 min/day or no therapy for 3 months. Inclusion criteria was ≥30° curvature, with no exclusions for complex curvatures, hourglass, prior Peyronies Disease therapy/surgery, or calcification. The primary outcome was safety, and secondary outcomes were penile length, curvature, and questionnaire responses.

110 men were randomized 3:1 to PTT or control. Cohorts were well-matched: mean age 58.4 years, Peyronies Disease duration 49.7 months, and curvature 59.3°. Overall, PTT was well tolerated, with only transient and mild adverse events reported. At 3-months, PTT men demonstrated significant improvements over controls in length (1.5 vs 0 cm, p<0.001), curve (-11.7° vs +1.3°, p<0.01), and erectile function (IIEF-EFD +4.3 vs -0.7 among men with erectile dysfunction [Erectile Dysfunction], p=0.01). Overall, 77% of PTT men experienced improved curvature (responders: mean -17.2°, 28.2%), while 94% achieved increased length (+1.6 cm, 10.9%). Counter-bending and the white-line indicator improved efficacy, validating key device innovations. Of those previously using other PTT devices, 100% preferred RestoreX.

PTT with RestoreX 30-90 min/day is safe and results in significant and clinically-meaningful improvements in penile curvature and length in Peyronies Disease men and erectile function in Erectile Dysfunction/Peyronies Disease men, with no significant adverse events. These data represent the only to report improvements with any device <3-8 hours/day.

This is very good news!


My only reservation with this study is that the inventor is one of the Doctors doing the study. 
age 69, PDS started March 2019, still trying to figure this out. Glad to have found this site.


Quote Counter-bending and the white-line indicator improved efficacy

This is important! Countering the curve(bending against it carefully) is logical but I don't see it often mentioned.
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My biggest take away from this study is the test subjects were wearing it 30-90 min. So there was recently a post on if you should wear it longer. I guess some test subjects wore it up to 90 mins. I've been wondering when I'm having a good session if I should extend it 5 or 10 mins. This seems to imply that won't cause any harm and might even help.


Howdy all,

I've been wearing the RestoreX for about 3 weeks. My curve is on the left side. I'm in the "still trying to get used to it" phase. I've noticed my curve hurts when I take it off. Is this because I' breaking up the plaque(s)???




It surely indicates you're hitting the right spot. Possible that the tissue around the plaque gets a bit irritated.
You can always play around a bit with the intensity of the stretch and the time you wear it. Don't create more inflammation beyond what the body can deal with overnight.
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Does the pain subside quickly?  If not, I'd consult w Dr Trost as I understand restorex or any traction should not result in pain...if so less time or force until used to it...
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Hey guys, how would you use this device for hourglassing (would you simply just stretch it out length wise without any bending)?


you could do some bending(slight at first) from the opposite site of the hourglass. So that there's more stretch where the hourglass is.
That is when the hourglass isn't making one full turn around which makes it more difficult. My hourglasses were more like "half moon dents". Obviously you don't want to place a fulcrum into the hourglass spot itself but only the opposite side of were the constriction/hourglass is.
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