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Hello All,

I'm a 38 year old male. I was diagnosed with Peyronie's 1 year and 4 months ago. It started with a little dent on the left side of my penis. Over time I thought I was going to have a curve to the left. I'm kinda lucky in that I now have an hourglass shape that keeps it pretty straight, when I can get it erect. I have found more small lumps on the right side of my penis, but they don't seem to have any impact on my erection. Just today I think I may be seeing another section of indent that may be forming on the left side. Hard to tell, because as soon as I think something is wrong, I go flaccid. I've seen two urologists, the first being a total dud. I trust the second one more and basically he said at the time that there was nothing remarkable about it. We took the wait and see approach. I haven't gone back because I'm not sure that there is much he will try to do for me since there is no bend. The treatments I've read about seem costly and I'm not quite ready to go that route.

I've tried using DMSO in various concoctions, and just felt stupid in the end. Tried a traction device, that also resulted in nothing but frustration (kept slipping out of it) and feeling like an idiot. I've been reading up lately that VED is effective in treating the hourglass. Considering giving this a try, but again feeling foolish about this whole thing.

I find it particularly disturbing that there is so much lack of information. For some men this goes away on its own, but there's no literature saying what time frame that happens in. I'm certain it won't go away on its own in my case, but it would still be good to know. Or even over what time period it progresses. I'm approaching a year and a half and am still worried that it's not finished doing whatever its going to do. Or how the whole thing progresses period. I did experience a pop in my penis close to 20 years ago around the site of the worst indentation. How the hell could it stay dormant for so long? And if it's related to that trauma, why do I have spots on the right side of my penis as well?

I'm not looking for all the answers here, but it would be nice to hear back from others who are going through the same as me and may have more information. I'll even take suggestions on how to tell women about this, because currently I can't see myself dating again until I have a better understanding of what's wrong with me and what is going to happen.

And as a silly conclusion, notice how women have no copays for their birth control? And that they don't pay taxes on tampons and pads? All this women's reproductive rights stuff is great. But what about us men? Free VED's and traction devices for all, am I right?

Just kidding,


I don't know. Given how some things work for some people but then not others, as well as my frustration with the traction device I purchased, I'll have to think more on it. Also, mentally I go up and down. Right now I'm down and stuck on feeling like nothing is going o help. Maybe when I get to a more positive place I'll take another look at this.



I understand. Just sharing because it has been very promising so far. I've been in the board for some years now, and of all the traction accounts of improvement, this picture is one of the best and most informative and that was the device he used. There have been other members mentioning their condition improved, but no pictures. There was even pictures of his penis bent on the device. Pretty recently another member also shared pictures in a similar fashion.

One thing is for sure. Not doing anything is worse than trying something.

Stay strong!