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Author Topic: I've had lot of penile problems-peyronies has developed too,,,  (Read 4934 times)

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I'm really excited to be joined in this support forum and really see a lot of potential ways to help support others that are also facing and coping with peyronies.

Very First Symptoms -I did have pain especially during erection in that area following an accidental move during love making with my wife. The pain lasted for 4-6months in my memory. Within week or to I found a firm spot that soon became harder and produced a noticeable bulge in my penis during erection.
In the last year I was seen by a urologist and given penile ultrasonography and several other scans from which they concluded that I have a peyronies matching plaque in the left side near the penile pubic suspensory ligament ( at the point where my penis meets my body) measuring 0.8x0.4x0.2cm which has been there about 4yrs by now.

While flaccid there is little or no bump or bulge over the area but when palpated the lump or firm spot is allways consistently the same. I also have an hourglass shaped penis shaft during the initial onset of most erections. After the time of erection has continued for more than 3-minutes the hourglass shape disappears and my penis holds a gradual curve to the right but not at any amount that is troublesome. Thankfully I do not have any "point of a bend" but rather a constant arch to my right. At various times when my erections first occur there has been a brief time when a bend of 30deg to the side happens just further to the glans than the hourglass distortion. That brief bend only has been noticed a couple dosen times and only in the past year & a half.  

In all manners of honesty, I do not currently have much reason to complain of deformity from peyronies, but the signs of "trouble from peyronies in the future" are already there in my case. I really suffered more in my past from other penile issues rather than peyronies. Interestingly, I learned that according to some pertinent medical observations, my other penile issuses give me reason to suspect that I could be very prone to penile injury, fibrosis, and scar tissue developement.

The other issues that I've facing and suffering with are; stuttering / recurring priapism and numbness in the glans most of the shaft skin and most of my remaining foreskin (since I don't have much of mine left from my infant circumcision). There have been times when impotence has hampered me sexually but thankfully in the past years throughout my marriage I've been able to get full erections like normal. BUT, the erections I do get are often painful. In many cases I have been unable to focus away from the pain during any act of foreplay or intimacy because the pain inside of my penis increases with erection and becomes persistant after sexual activity ends for hours-to-days even though my erection has ceased. This pain from the start and long after erection has been a common occurance for me since my early teenage years. I don't think that I had any plaques or lumps like with the peyronies when my erections first became painfull.

As I went into puberty I remember realizing that my penis erections were curving downward more and more and this was not any worry to me till years later when I actually learned what an erection is meant for and how it should point more upward than anywhere else. (I was not informed with the simple facts from anyone till way too late) but that's another topic, in my opinion.
I don't know if the downward curve was a congenital curvature or a result of injury/ies. I was often wearing multiple pairs of tighter than proper underware to hide my erections, trying to keep my penis held down so my erections wouldn't be noticed by anyone. That may be a reason that the downward curve developed then. I had concern about it after later learning what an erection is for and so I tried to hold my penis upward at night by using the waist band of my underware so that it could grow straighter again. I was happy to find the curve begin to straighten away after just a year of nighttime repositioning and kept using this method for straightening it. The curve had amounted to about 80-90degrees of downward deflection, was not the gradual kind of curve that I would think of as normal, it was basically just in the first half of my penis' shaft. Some of the shaft was straight where it extended away from the support ligament, as long as about a 3/4 inch measured on the dorsal side, then the bend began. About 2inches further the bend in the shaft ended and continued straight all the rest of the way to the glans. While standing my erection would point almost vertically down. The amount of straightening that I managed with my nightime repositioning system seemed to work quite well, since 10 years have passed and I now have a horizontal erection when I'm standing.

Long time sufferer of penile problems; Recurrent Priapism, nerve damage/numbness, plus 4yrs with Peyronies Disease
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