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Author Topic: Trying To Schedule for March.  (Read 930 times)

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Trying To Schedule for March.
« on: January 22, 2019, 06:22:17 PM »

Well things went downhill with my wifes surgery. She got an incision infection which is causing issues and we are already scheduling her additional surgeries. A couple more for her this year and there is no logistical way for me to get to Kramer or Eid this year dealing with hers. No way she will let me do it alone even though I have no problem doing so, especially with her infection after hers and still on antibiotics and will be for a bit. Tried to explain even though both the docs have low infection rates so odds are better, but just the thought of me being in an out of state hospital alone causes her stress. The issue is her ability to travel for most of this year. I could wait till 2020 but to be honest the stress of going to and from icus  for weeks takes its toll on energy level along with taking care of her day to day. Some days the energy to spend hours in traction and the time to ved is just to much. Have not worked out in weeks, which I also have to rectify. I always liked the fact I could still at 57 bench press 290 pounds. Things at least are starting to line out with my wife and she will let me leave her alone for a while at least so things are looking up somewhat.

During the week of her surgery and her hospital stay I did lose some size gains when I did not traction or ved for several weeks. In the the past week I got back to 6 in traction and 6.5 in ved. Back in mid dec. i was almost 6.75 in the ved. and 6.25 in traction. I have a short window in March to get my implant ,get well, hopefully before she goes back to surgery in May, or my farm duties kick in till the middle of Oct. If all goes well her last one this year is being scheduled for the end of Oct when I would have maybe gotten to Baltimore. So my options to wait would be 2020.

I am just worn ass out from this whole thing. I feel like if i can keep my 6 inches, i can live with that and get my girth back. It was always over 5.5 without any of these dents. Local doc said I will keep my trimix size, which was just under 6, and I was not real hard. Does not plan on using an rte unless he needs to. scrotal incision so that is good for me with other stomache surgeries I have had. Curve at least has not gotten any more pronounced with no traction or ved during the 5 weeks or so I did nothing.

In short, even though there will be no sex at our house probably this year. My wife has a hard time feeling sexy when they keep shaving the hair off the side of her head, I just am tired of this limp noodle and want to get something started.  Still might not be able to in March anyway if her surgery were to get moved up. Then I would have to wait till 2020 and just deal with traction and ved till then.

I want to thank everyone for all the information, comments, advice, but I guess unless something throws a curve ball into my plans, I am scheduling for the first week of March. I am hoping for somewhere around a 20 cm titan. I went back over the posts and it looks like a lot of guys were getting that cm with around a 6 inch stretch or erection. I know 6 inches is about 15.24 cm or so. I figure about another third or so in the crus. Hoping for no more than 1 rte if needed. Otherwise, I plan on saying a lot of prayers to myself. My wife, I am pretty sure is not really in the mood to hear me pray over my dick. Will just have to see how this goes. I figure if I need to, 2020 would be a good time to get to see Kramer or Eid to fix any issues. Who knows maybe I will get lucky, and to be honest my wife and I are due for some. Thanks to all. 

FYI for anyone interested. Back last summer the best I could get was about 5.5 in traction, and not even 6 in the ved. I had that up to 6 in traction by the first of December, and a good 6.5 in the ved. Curve was around 60 degrees last summer as well. Curve is now at around 30 degress, but still have a couple dents. So for me at least traction and ved did help with some gains back. The best I ever had was just under 7 inches and around 6 in girth. But that was on a really good day. I figure I can live with my dick if I can get close to 6 and 5.5 girth. (I always also hung about 5 inches straight down so always showed a package for the most part in jeans so the titan is not going to be to different in that regard.) Then hope for some more gains over the next year or so. My only real concern is if this local dr will friggin undersize me, but I got few options. He is the best I found within 2 hours from my home, and at least answered my questions and made me pretty comfortable. I will keep my fingers crossed.

I am going back and looking the stretch size, trimix size, and corresponding CM implant length for anyone on here I can find around 6 inches, but if anyone wants to just post back to this post with their stretch, trimix size, and implant length I would appreciate it. I know the ved length is not the deciding factor. Be nice to know when I wake up and find out my implant length how it corresponds to others. I will probably post that notice. Of course it might be one of those wtf moments as well.

I also have pictures and records to document everything, so I can give myself something to compare to after. 

Everyone take care.
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Re: Trying To Schedule for March.
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2019, 08:36:31 PM »

It is good that you have thought this through and made a reasonable decision.  I hope all goes well.  Be sure to keep us informed.
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